Unit Charging out of melee

When an unengaged model in a unit with Unstoppable charges in such a way that pulls other models in the unit out of melee, do those models get to make charge attacks against their new targets?

Example: Models A and B in a unit of Stormlances are engaged by Enemy Unit 1. Model C is not. Model C charges Enemy Unit 2, and brings models A and B completely out of melee with Enemy Unit 1. Do they get to make charge attacks against Enemy Unit 2?


My uneducated intuition is that yes, they do, as long as the usual charge rules are followed (ie, models in Model C’s melee range get charge bonus, models outside Model C’s range do not)

A member of a unit that was engaged prior to being placed as part of the units Normal Movement must forfeit its Combat Action unless it is placed within melee range of any models that were previously engaging it.

Unstoppable ignores that, so a unit with Unstoppable can be placed out of melee and act normally. I’m pretty sure you should be fine, unless there’s another rule I’m missing that interacts with this.


I believe we are waiting for an official ruling on this. I asked on Facebook and the Infernal answer hasn’t materialised yet.

(Scenario 2)