Unstoppable Rule - App link/Clarification

After a few interactions with other players - is it possible to put extra explanation within the text explaining Unstoppable.

I have a seen many players using Unstoppable to charge out of combat into other objects. There is always an argument because under the Unstoppable rule is says ‘This model doesn’t not have to forfeit its combat action…’ and even when clicking the link to disengage it confirms it further.

When you look up charge the text explains ‘A model cannot charge while engaged’ - so this confirms that you cannot charge out of engagement range - even with Unstoppable.

To fix this issue - there could be text put in unstoppable to say in brackets (a model cannot charge while engaged’ - or have a link to charge to read.

This would make it much clearer and allow people to find the information they need (or if I am wrong, and you can charge out of combat - perhaps look at re-wording the charge information)

Any input from anyone else would be awesome if I haven’t made my understanding clear :smiley:


There’s a lot of logic to its current position. Want to answer a question about charging? Look in the charging rules, right? :slight_smile:

That being said, adding a reminder to Unstoppable just to clear up a potentially overlooked interaction sounds like a pretty solid idea to me!

Tagging an Infernal @elswickchuck so they can raise this idea internally! :slight_smile:


it took our group a while to wrap our heads around this topic as well

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Sounds like a useful clarification

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I travelled interstate to a convention to play games, it it came up in two different matches. The difficulty is balancing positive social interaction, with rules. So there was some discussions (and I didn’t think to look up the charge rules) - and after saying the same thing a few times - rather then push it (and me not knowing where to show the interaction ) we played on. My opponent did confirm with another player next to us (who also didn’t know the interaction correctly) , and since the player is known as a high skilled player in their local meta, it was difficult to push the point of the interaction.

So having a link or a clarification on the end of the rule would certainly be helpful!

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