Throw Power Attack - Example inconsistent with rules?

I was going through the rulebook again after playing a few games to try to catch some details I missed the first time around. An illustrated example is given for a Throw Power Attack on page 26.

It shows a medium base Courser going past a small base Stormblade Legionnaire and then stopping when it collides with a large base Stryker at which point it also overlaps a medium base Arcane Mechanik.

The “Thrown” rules section on page 17 says:

During this movement, a thrown model moves through models with smaller bases without contacting them. The thrown model still stops if it contacts an obstacle, an obstruction, or a model with an equal or larger base.

The rules for the Throw Power Attack are on page 25, but I don’t see anything in there that modifies the “Thrown” movement.

So my question is, should the Courser in the example stop when it first contacts the Arcane Mechanik since it has an equal base?

You’ll need to wait for an official answer as to whether the example is inconsistent, but I think the graphic simply is in error. I halfway wonder if the Arcane Mechanik’s base size changed after the diagram was made but before release, because – and granted, it’s hard to tell for certain – it looks to me like the AM is on a 30mm base in the picture.

I think it is quite safe to assume that you should play it as written in the throw rules, and stop moving if you contact an equal-size or larger base. :slight_smile:

There is another section in the rulebook called ”thrown” which describes what happens to the model being thrown.

As for your question: yes, the Courser should stop when it contacts an equal or larger base.

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Yep, looks like an error there.

Play rules as written