Temple Guardians: are they fun?

While I’ve been playing Menoth since I started way back when (Mk2?) I’ve always been a casual player. So my army has been very rag-tag with the occasional folks looking at my collection saying, “you’re doing it wrong.”

Part of that is I’ve got really nothing associated with the Temple except the Daughters. So with the new Temple Guardians Legacy army plus the bundle I have to ask: are they fun?

I do NOT theory craft very well. If I did my collection wouldn’t be so random! And I’m not a competitive player. I just want an army that will be fun to play on a Saturday afternoon with a buddy who may or may not have had a few beers already.

I’ve learned from games I’ve played that I’m not super into slow stuff or really tricky things. So it looks simple enough. I cannot evaluate warcasters worth a hoot, and I don’t have any of the ones on the list. I normally don’t like having a ton of models to deal with (mental load) and tend to go jack heavy when possible, but with Mk4’s smaller units I might be okay.

Those people were doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to the rest: I mean, sure, go for it. Feora1 is pretty straightforward, although she has changed rather significantly in this edition. She definitely seems fairly well-geared towards a battlegroup now.

I think you’d do well to pick up some Wracks, a Choir or two, and…let’s see, Vassal Mechaniks and Vassals of Menoth.


I got a choir because “I’m supposed to.” No wracks. Do have vassals. Rule of cool hasn’t won me many games :slight_smile:

Well, you need to ask yourself what models work well together, have synergies and such. And what models fit my play style? If you aren’t trying to build a competitive list, then those are really all you need.
If you have a more specific goal later on “How do I handle scenario? Ranged lists? High Army?” then you can tweak and adjust for those.

Choir, Wracks, and the various flavors of Vassals are basically the whole reason to play a 'jack heavy Protectorate force. :slight_smile: You really should get the ones you’re missing.

Having multiple buffed-up Protectorate heavies fully laden with focus is pretty cool!

Well, I ordered it! Thank you everyone!