Old Searforge Player

So I was wondering if I could get some advice. I’ve not played in a very long time and only really have a Rhulic force painted up. I understand mercs are in legacy status or something and dont really have their own force atm but how are they doing? Is there anything I should be aware of or units to avoid. I don’t have the option to splash out on a new force atm but would like to try playing again.

Legacy just means that they’re older models that are out of print. They won’t be getting any new releases going forward, but they are largely playable right now (with the rest of the models getting updated for non-tournament play over the next few months). If you download the Warmachine App on iOS or Android you can see the core rules and the rules for the Rhul Guard (the name for the new dwarf army). Currently that consists of:

  • all 3 Rhulic warcasters
  • all non-colossal Rhulic warjacks (colossals haven’t been updated for Mk4 yet, should be in in the next few months)
  • the Rhulic battle engine
  • I believe all the Rhulic solos and units from Mk3.

So you should be all set to continue playing with what you own! All the Mk4 rules are in the app too, so no books to buy.

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Glad none of my stuff is being made obsolete at least. Sad to hear they wont be getting anything new but at least that means i can just focus kn what i have and not chase the new releases.

Yea it’s definitely a double-edged sword of relief and annoyance lol.

It is entirely possible (if not probable) that they will do a new Rhulic Army at some point in the future, but those wouldn’t be compatible to the existing Rhulic stuff. It would be an entirely new, self-contained Army that just has aesthetic and/or lore connections.

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