Steamroller 24 - scatter terrian

Would all walls be scatter terrain usually? They are much smaller than 3x6 - so would be removed by 80mm or 120mm bases?

Seems fine but quite a change.

Wall would only be scatter if they where smaller than half a wall template by our own interpretation. The definition is intentionally loose though so that TOs and Players have agency in what is being are used and what is available.

Always discuss with your opponent before hand what is and is not scatter if there are any doubts between players.


I think the looseness and various different ways to deal with terrain is very sensible and well done.

Having alternate terrain placement suggestions lets different bits and pieces that are avalible be used and make the tables look better.

I like the defences and scatter terrain share some traits.

If that is the Objective, can it be clarified in the rules document? At the moment it simply says that it is small terrain. Potentially giving a few examples would be quite helpful.

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Moving this to the Warmachine category since it’s about Steamroller

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As a clarification to what I asked earlier, can all terrain types be Scatter Terrain?
Forest, Water, Hill, Obstruction, etc?
And would Storm and Clouds be excluded as Scatter Terrain as they are specifically called out as being 3" rings?
There would also be functional size limits to Scatter Forests, Hills, Rubble, etc. as a model needs to have its base completely within those terrain features to benefit from them.

Just a heads up, there are some examples given. Even with just two mentioned, I feel it gives a clear enough idea of what they’re intending for this terrain type

Here are other examples too:


However, those are names of items, not in game rules and mechanics.

Examples would be “Boulders, which could be Obstructions, Planters which provide Concealment, etc.”

I feel confident that the intent is the same as it always has been (and is mentioned elsewhere in the document), which is, paraphrasing:

  • Use the terrain you have

  • Players (or the TO) agree on what the terrain is / does


Scatter can be anything its a tool for more flexibility when using terrain.


Do you know if we will ever receive more guidelines for making buildings? In terms of Wounds and ARM? With more dynamic terrain I can see more building shapes terrain being made Buildings instead of just Obstructions.

Thinking more on this and if you would like some examples of things I can toss some out here, but really the intent was for people to get creative, or use their favorite things from their LGS. Examples of what I’ve tested/used but are not limited to;

  • Open Graves, miniature trench templates usually only large enough for 30mm models
  • Single Trees on bases, provides concealment instead of cover much like a hedge would. I’ve also used this with telephone poles and light posts.
  • Stack of crates or single large boxes, cover
  • Chunk of wall, cover

By and far not an exhaustive list of what you could do. I could see people making a miniature forest of shrubs, signs, old wreck markers. Have fun with it


Don’t think we planned something like that. I imagine we may make more buildings in the future though.

I’ll piggyback some other ideas here too. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Burning hay bales that provide concealment (but not cover) to models within 1”, cause continuous fire to models that contact them, but do not add an additional die to the damage roll when models collide with them

  • Especially pointy dragon’s teeth-style obstacles that add a second additional die to the damage roll when models collide with them (see the Spike Traps terrain from like No Quarter 7 or something like that)

  • Wrought iron fences that are obstructions (models cannot advance through them) but which do not block LOS or provide concealment/cover

So much cool stuff is possible now! :grin:


Back in the MKIV rulebook (and maybe MK2?) had rules for destroying terrain. Those would be really cool to bring back in some form to easily allow players to do their own buildings and to interact with the table more.

Man, the image of a dracodile Godzilla smashing through telegraph wires while wandering through town

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Some of my favorite scatter


Now that’s some quality scatter. Kinda excited to run like circle way stones and random ice/crystal deposits as scatter

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