SR24 and Flag terrain

Just wanted to ask for some clarification regarding objective terrain forSR2024, and the control/contest rules for them.

When area terrain is selected (i.e. a forest), to score that terrain piece, do the models have to be within the forest, or within 2" of the edge of the forest.

The way the text was wording i was unsure if that within 2" of the piece was intended to apply to all objective terrain, or if it was specific to the obstruction that the flag becomes if area terrain is not selected, or guard tower, bunker, obstacle, or other non-area terrain.


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Within 2" for all terrain pieces


Thanks in at least 20 characters.

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Trying not to post a new topic since my question is closely related - when player one chooses which terrain piece to move a flag to, is the player moving just their own flag? Or is that player choosing one of the two flags and moving it, leaving player two to move the other flag? It’s not clear if “your flag - my flag” is even a thing.

Your flag is the one closest to you at deployment and in the corresponding color

Additionally, will any of the SR2024 objective pieces (flag, cache, objective) stop forced movement such as a drag? What about being slammed into (through?) one?

Well they certainly dont stop you because they aren’t models, obstacles, or obstructions. But its not clear what happens if you land on them.

Presumably the intent is that you stop b2b if you cannot move completely past just like advancing, but they will need to clarify that in the final document.