Buildings, small- and medium-based models on the same floor?

I have a question to buildings. The “bunker” and the “guard tower” have both the description that there can be up to five small-based models or three medium-based models on each floor. But can you place for example 1 medium-based model and two small-based models on the same floor? Or do you need to seperate medium and small-based models strictly? The winter korps snipers with the hunting dog attachment for example is a unit with 3 small-based models and 1 medium-based model, if they enter a building they would be required to split up to both floors?

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I believe the intent is clear in the last sentence, as long as the models bases fit you can place them there. If that werent the intent they would not need that line, since we know 5 smalls or 3 mediums already fit.

This was asked a while ago, but I can’t find the question or answer here. I’ll keep digging.

Moving this to the Warmachine category. Please post rules questions in the category for the game the rule is from, it makes it easier to keep track of them.