SR2024: asymmetry and its implications (Two Fronts)

SR 2024 just introduced asymmetrical scenarios and I’ve seen a lot of questions or people doing surprising things. So the main question is: when/how do we place scenario elements and deal with player 2’s choice of side and potential terrain movement?
Terrain getting moved around after side choice feels weird and potentially leading to abuse (harder to agree with the opponent on where to move the obstruction when each player has a point of view based on their side than when it’s more neutral) and might lead to a lot of judge calls.
One way to deal with it that I’ve found but isn’t exactly following the rules is “place both possible versions of the scenario, move terrain if necessary, then roll for player 1 and side” but it adds a few steps, especially on physical tables (Wartable already drops both objectives and you delete the unnecessary ones after side choice, which is quicker).
Also, about Two Fronts: are the 40mm vs 50mm flanks predetermined and then we place the 30mm on the side P2 picks, or should the 50mm always be on P2’s left? I tend to think it’s always on P2’s left but I’ve seen players do the opposite.
If this is the case, it does lend some strange scenario power to P2 who gets to pick which table flank will have the 50mm/40mm, basically dictating where cohorts/infantry will fight (exaggerated version: I pick a side with a ton of forests on my left and like 6 trenches and zero rough terrain because my heavies have Bird’s Eye and Pathfinder and yours don’t, and my melee infantry lacks Pathfinder and will need protection from your Pathfinder ranged infantry)
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This question was discussed in this thread recently:


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Thanks. I missed that one

Edit: missed it because I looked for rules posts

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No worries. :slight_smile: Glad I could help!

I agree with you though that Player 2’s scenario advantage on some of these seems substantial. Although I am not sure how much of that is due to the diagrams not being to scale (seems like it would make sense for them to be redone to scale or just use wartable) and how much will be born out in reality.

I am looking forward to playing a bunch once my infant is a bit older though and seeing how it shakes out. I do love the changes overall to steamroller and the dynamism(?) of the new scenarios.