Spell Slave: Perdition

So question, can Korovnik cast Perdition and move a member of the Battlegroup that he belongs to? He is a attached to a Warcaster and as such is a part of the battlegroup? I have heard varying thoughts on this item. Thanks for all you do!


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After damaging an enemy model, perdition allows the spellcaster (Korovnik in this case) or a model that is BOTH in his battlegroup (Sabbreth, warjacks) AND in his control range to advance.

Unfortunately, he does not have a control range at this time. Therefore he can only move himself with Perdition.


Makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. So I suppose he could move and then cast perdition and move again. Maybe a decent 1st round approach. Faster than running for him by 1 inch. Move 6" cast perdition and move 6" again. Cute, but not really all that usefully. Maybe for scoring something someday! :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!

I haven’t seen many particularly powerful uses for Spell Slave, at least in Khador where I live. It’s worth bringing if your caster has something like Boundless Charge, and definitely for Gallows, but for a lot of warcasters I’ve looked at it doesn’t amount to very much, Maybe you get to cast a better-than-average AOE spell, or a small buff, but most good warcaster spells I see are upkeeps or target:self or something.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, there’s plenty of spells that would be broken if they could be Spell-Slaved. I’m just saying that you look at it (or remember it’s uses from older versions of the game) and at first glance it sounds very powerful. Then you start looking at the spells you want to cast and have to cross them off one by one because they are all invalid, and what’s left ends up feeling a bit underwhelming.

But hey, there’s probably a bunch of awesome spells you can use with it that I’m missing. Right?

In Dusk, it’s useful for Revive to replenish your Soulless, especially if you’ve got a Void Engine and a caster who’s tight on Focus (like Hellyth my darling)

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Winter Korps doesn’t get a lot of mileage out of Spell Slave, no. :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s the complete list of spells that can be cast in Winter Korps:

Baranova - Gallows (but without boost, I have reservations about the efficacy)
Borisyuk - Unnatural Darkness (not terrible! Could help Borisyuk on some turns)
Savaryn - Icy Grip (maybe?)
The new MoW caster - ???

And out of the spell rack:

Razor Wind — which Korovnik already has :stuck_out_tongue:
Return Fire (Eh…maybe?)

It’s not much better in Orgoth.
Horruskh and Kishtaar have no spells that he can use.
Sabbreth has Perdition, as discussed above - he can cast it, but it doesn’t really work well.
From the rack, there’s Hex Blast, Soulfire (but he can’t gain the power point from it), or unnatural darkness, none of which seem really worth the spell slot usually. He can’t even target anything else in the army with blizzard (friendly faction).
I’ve tried him a few times and he never felt worth the points.

And that only works when targeting invictus from the Merc solo

Return Fire allows for melee or ranged attacks, so it is within the realm of possibility that he could hit somebody with his axe, or one of the other Mercenary solos could stab somebody. (Sadly, not Prisoner 102822 though.) The best theoretical case I thought up was for the Sky Bomber/Raider.

But, yes…you can see why I said “Eh…maybe?” :smile:

Not complaining, mind you! But I also wouldn’t feel bad if Freezing Grip or Tempest went back down to COST 3 either. :stuck_out_tongue: