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I really like and appreciate PP’s Warcaster wiki. It is the first place I direct new potential players to. It is a great resource for reading up on a model’s lore to get hyped, looking at the model by following the link to the online store, and reading up on the rules to theo-craft.

I am a little bit sad, though, that the wiki appears to be quite outdated. Mainly because a couple of low-hanging fruits are missing, like links to the PP store and lore entries (just copies from the PP store). I understand, though, that PP employees currently have more important things to do, than updating a wiki. But shouldn’t this be the point where the community gets involved?

I wish PP would open up the wiki for contributions. I would be perfectly willing to spend some time to add those texts to the wiki and I am sure there are others in the community that would also be willing to contribute. If PP is wary of just letting random users add any text to the wiki (understandable), how about adding only some of us as contributors? And, after all, wikis usually have an option to allow only those changes, that were approved by an editor. And approving changes takes much less time than writing them yourself?

Please PP, could you maybe consider this? It is harder to build a community if we cannot cultivate community content.


I also like the wiki: the only digital source of cypher card rules, and for quick rules checks.

I’d love to see more like battlecollege for wmh, give a summary of strategies and why you’d put them in your list, and which models they work well with. At the moment it is just the rules and the sell points.


I agree. PP said that they want to put rulings and all sorts of game information there, but it is quite sparce.

Hello, we discussed this and as of right now will keep the wiki internal. The rules and information for Warmachine will be going through the app. If there are updates or specific things you want to see on the wiki contact feedback@privateerpress.com or contact me.

If something changes I will be sure to make an announcement.


Thanks @PPS_AdamO, I have messaged feedback@privateerpress.com.

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The main page of the Wiki should be updated then. It talks about having rules and rulings there for Warmachine and other games. If that’s no longer the case it should be updated with accurate information.


I will push that up the chain!

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