Madame Moriarty and spell slaving friendly faction spells

If Moriarty is brought in a brinebloods list and and has access to Furys Strength who are elegible targets?

Can she cast it on brineblood models or is she stuck only being able to target other mercs you brought in your list?

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Fury’s Strength and Ghost Walk require the target to be friendly faction to Madam Moriarty. So you would only be able to use them on other mercenary models.

Revive can be cast on friendlies, and all of the offensive spells work fine with the exception of perdition which cannot let a warbeast advance because she does not have a ctrl range

Yeah, I was hoping she wouldnt be stuck to just being able to target other mercs. Bummer.

Hopefully this was maybe an oversight and gets changed, but who knows.

This is great, cause it keeps her from being a complete auto include (maybe)

She’s definitely an auto include for Shadowtongue. A gallows/hexblast/revive/puppet master solo is just bananas. The free upkeep is gravy. With the other two warlocks, I could see the free upkeep being the main draw. I think Boomhowler could probably do fine without her, but Firequill would absolutely love a free upkeep, as he’s so fury hungry. As far as her spells that she can sling go, options besides all the spice on Shadowtongue, powder keg and perdition are all she has access to it looks like at the moment. Perdition could be very strong if taken on the rack.

It’s been a part of many Merc abilities for many years now, so it’s unlikely to be an oversight.

As i mentioned above perdition is just a pow 10 nuke on Moriarty. She doesnt have battlegroup models in her control area to make advance.

So correct me if im wrong, but most spell slave models arent merc and are already friendly faction.

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Korovnik is the other spell slave in Mark4 and is also a merc

She herself can move. Best case scenario she charges, kills a model, battle - wizards perdition, and gets another advance to another target for her second initial, or to contest or park somewhere obnoxious. It’s not going to go off every time or align very often, but can still catch folks off guard with a speed 5 high speed spell slave gator.


True. That does work. Crazy niche, but it works.

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So literally 2 models. Everything else before these 2 were in faction spell slaves.

There were a couple of Merc/Minion ones back in MK3/Legacy.

On her card she is now also a brineblood faction solo. did this change?

Brineblood Marauders is the army name, Southern Kriels is the faction.

She has not changed and is still a friendly mercenary model

A bit of January preview here. Attachments like Moriarty will become the faction of the model they are attached to. This way FF spells will work more synergisticly with spells slaves.


Ooh thats a spicy change! Thanks for the preview.

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Oh, WOW. Korovnik suddenly got about fifty times more appealing in Winter Korps!

…even though he still only has about four spells he can cast. :sweat_smile:

Very cool. Out of curiosity, will they retain the Mercenary faction as well so that they can target other Mercenaries with Friendly Faction spells?

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When the old Korovnik can suddenly cast positive charge he becomes WAY higher priority to kill first yes :wink: