Grymkin Arcana targets

Hello all,

I have a question about Grymkin Arcana in Mark IV. Since they’re now command cards, and the rules say we can play 2 command cards each turn, but each model/unit can only have one played on it per turn my question is, is it the intent that all arcana should be played on a warlock? For example Accursed explicitly states play it on a warlock however Fortune’s Path has no indication as to who it should be played on. Would it be the warlock, the model that was missed, or something else altogether?

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Not every command card has to be played on a model. The rulebook says this, specifically:

"These cards can be played once each game for a special benefit and are discarded
once they have been played.

The rules of each Command Card explain when the card can be played."

Unless the command card says “play this on a particular model”, then it is not played on a particular model. :slight_smile:

So in your question: Fortune’s Path is just played, not targeting anyone.

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