Spears of Scyrah

Is the intent for them not to be able to place after making all 3 B2B? Do we in fact have to destroy two models after advancing, since the other two models are B2B?


It took a while to understand the problem but yeah that is real issue. All models start B2B. One model advances but since the other two cannot be placed they are destroyed.

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Raw yep. Iirc this was asked about initiates in unlimited a while back and no change was made.

That is an odd enough rules interaction that I’d want a dev to weigh in an explicitly say that’s the intent. If my opponent showed up with a Spears unit, I’d suggest that movement all happens simultaneously, so as long as there’s room for placing them in formation, the unit can in fact move.

Even if it happened simultaneously its still a move and a place, since you cant place you die per the movement rules.

Ill see if i can find the thread where this was asked before but if its good enough for menoth, its good enough for ret imo.

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Oh that is surely not intended. Likely got lost in the sheer amount of feedback for the big update the other day.


Thank you very much Loren.

Unlimited model doesn’t matter, Prime model does.

If it would be otherwise also Caine3 and Haley3 would have their feats changed to properly functional. Very unlikely to happen. But good that at least Prime models will be fixed.

All models matter. Thanks tho

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So to clarify, units using Unbreakable Wall can move as normal (with one model moving and the rest teleporting) without destroying some models?

they are intended to be able to move. Fix coming either Friday or Wednesday