Inhuman Resolve units + disabled before/during activation

Yes, looking at you spears :sweat_smile:

So, what happens to members of a unit with Inhuman Resolve if they become disabled before or during their activation, but after the beginning of the Maintenance Phase?

For example, if they suffer the Fire continous effect and are disabled by it?

Inhuman Resolve states that the model cannot activate. OK. Now, since the units Normal Movement is a part of their activation, would such a model be able to place with the unit if another model of the unit moved? I assume not.

If no, would the disabled model be destroyed since it cannot be placed within 2” of the model that moved as per the unit movement rules?

Another issue I can see is if a Spear charges through a Spike Trap and is disabled. It is then knocked down and it’s activation immediately ends. Cool. What happens with the other 2 Spears? The first one was not destroyed or rfp, so another model in the unit cannot move in its stead. Can they place within 2” of the disabled model, eventhough it’s activation ended immediately? I’m not sure since that models activation ended?

Since the Spears of Scyrah are rather prevalent at this years WTC, I would appreciate some clarity on this :slightly_smiling_face:

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In situation one, the Inhuman Resolve model could be moved or placed, so it should teleport along with its buddies .

In the second, after the moving model stops its friends would teleport in next to it.