[Rules] inhuman resolve + shield wall

So i just want to make aure im understanding this.

The spears of scyrah have inhuman resolve and shield wall. Shield wall means they cannot be knocked down base to base. Inhuman resolve says they get disabled and become knocked down.

So if theyre base to base and one gets disabled they just stand there, blocking los, and still engaging things.

So they can theoretically engage a chunk of an army while base to base. Be functionally immune to attacks because theyre already disabled and if you dont have out of activation movement stop you from making attacks against anything else because youre still engaged?

Im sorry is this actually how this works/ is this actually intentional? Because this feels absolutley ridiculous.

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A Spear of Scyrah will not be knocked down due to Shield Wall if B2B with another member of their unit. A Spear of Scyrah will still engage and be engaged, as well as block LOS appropriately while Inhuman Resolve is active.


It’s a very strong combination of rules; I suspect it’s why they were given Shield Wall in the first place.


I mean yes, and if it was just they were functionaloy unkillable thats fine, its the they can be funxtionally unkillable and hold up multiple models/units.

I had 2 heavies and 4/6 members of a unit who litersoly got timewalked today because there was no out of activation movement. They didnt have unstopable and i couldnt kill the spears who wete engagging all them.

In my mind thats ridiculous.

The command card that grants Unstoppable sounds like a good solution to this. :slight_smile: There are also several other ways to deal with Inhuman Resolve. In no particular order:

  • Heavies can trample over/away from them and still buy additional attacks. (Yes, it’s not ideal, but.)
  • Order of activation. Target them last so they cannot heal. Save one good blast as the last activation in your turn, and they’re gone.
  • Defenses, especially the Spike Trap.
  • Continuous effects. Not perfectly reliable, but you can deny your opponent their activations, potentially making them almost as much of a roadblock to your opponent as they are to you.

But, really, the same tried-and-true method for dealing with Inviolable Inhuman Resolve models, ever since the Exemplar Seneschal model in MK I, has been order of operations. Hit them last in the turn, and they’re dead, and there’s nothing the opponent can do to prevent it. :slight_smile:

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Also, abilities that slam or push models can break the Shield wall. Then they can be knocked down.

Inhuman resolve + knockdown immunity is not a new rules interaction by any means. Yes, it’s strong, and when you encounter it for the first time, it can feel oppressive. Now you know, so you can plan ahead when you see them the next time.


We have deviated from the rules question. Locking this.