Scyrafael Feat and Unit movement

Do all models in a unit take damage from Scyrafael’s feat?

My understanding is no, since only one model is actually advancing and the rest are being placed. Per the definition of placed in the rules, the models have specifically not advanced.

I am looking for clarification because I think this could be a sticking point for people.

Scyrafaels feat triggers on place as well as advancing. So if all the models in the unit were either placed closer or advanced closer and ended in her ctrl range then they will all suffer the effects.

Worth noting that the feat likely has a typo. It states:
“Enemy models that advance and end their movement in Scyrafael’s control range or are placed and closer to her than they began suffer…”

When it should be:
“Enemy models that advance and end their movement or are placed in Scyrafael’s control range and closer to her than they began suffer…”

Sounds less clunky, and technically the placed models currently dont need to be in her ctrl range to suffer the effects of the feat


Oh shoot you are right, that’s on me for not reading the whole thing. Thanks!

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We are looking at a slight reword to her feat for clarification, but yes it should be enemy models advancing or placed in her control.


Just to clarify, is it supposed to be “advance and end their normal movement” or is it really intended to trigger on every instance of Side Step, Overtake, Reposition, etc?