Shadow flame shard parts guide

So is there a parts guide or a prediction of when the pictures of the options will be avaliable on the app

Can you not see the part renders in the app?

I cant, mine is an android, i cant see neither the parts nor the portraits

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I don’t know what to tell you about that. :slight_smile: I’ve heard people in similar situations in the past have had success re-downloading the app.

No, didn’t work, reported it as a bug, if im having this problem others are bound to have it too

They don’t show for me either.

Just grey portraits for me as well.

Have an android phone - the drop-downs worked to view the abilities on the various parts, but yes, grey portraits. Given Privateer Press has sometimes provided black and white images on previous cards, I figured the artwork hadn’t gotten completed and added to the app yet.


My guess is that it will be added today.