UK Printing Partner

Not sure if this is the right place to ask about this.
When MKIV was announced PP advised they had a UK partner for printing our favourite toy soldiers, it has been noted that they were printing things then sending them to the states to be packaged then they are being shipped back for distribution.
I’m just wondering if this is still the case, or if the partner is going to be packaging items for the European market soon (because that seems far more efficient).
Currently we are struggling to get hold of the new models, and Warmachine still has the reputation of being very hard to get hold of over here. for example we are still waiting on Dusk and Brineblood starter armies.


I don’t know if any official word, but the pipeline of having the partner print stuff and send it to the states was put in place to give PP time to improve their internal process. Now that they have (as evidenced by the Brineblood models and Magnus 4) I would expect the production pipeline to shift again in the nearish future.


Hello Mohrg,

This hurts to see because we try hard to ensure International retailers have the items at the same time as domestic retailers.

Privateer shipped 100% of all orders we had for the Dusk and Brineblood starter armies to our distributers and retailers (both domestic and international). We are sorry to hear your store does not have it. This usually means one of three things:

  1. The store did not order the item(s) from Privateer Press directly

  2. The store has an outstanding balance and we were unable to ship the order. (Please note, this rarely happens.)

  3. The store ordered through distribution and this is an issue between the distributer and retailer since Privateer shipped all distributer orders.

Please have your store contact [] if they are having trouble receiving Privateer products. We of course want to make sure you are able to purchase our products for your local game store.

Our printing partner is fantastic, but not equipped to ship waves at this time. Parts will continue to funnel through us for organization and packaging for the time being. This in no way relates to unavailability of army boxes in Europe, because if we don’t receive the orders they will not ship, no matter where we ship from.

We frequently see these complaints paired with an assumption that we aren’t fulfilling orders or are ignoring international communities, (not saying you did) when nothing could be further from the truth. We always ship international first and have those shipping times decide actual release date.

Our free shipping on online store orders over $100 to international locations can be brutal in the modern era of post-Covid shipping costs, but we eat that cost solely to better service our communities across the globe as best we can.

I realize I got a little long winded there, but in summary: If your stores don’t have new wave product, it’s because they either didn’t order it or their distributor under-ordered or otherwise didn’t order enough to service all their retailers. Many recent waves got gobbled up after initial release and restocking them has been difficult, but that is true for all parties foreign and domestic equally. We are slowly getting our legs back underneath us and we expect to have some out of stock items available again soon.

Thanks for posting this. Keeping abreast of community problems and perceptions helps us learn where our resources are needed and how to beat serve all of our communities.

Erik Reiersen


Thanks for the detailed response.
My order was actually placed directly with Warcradle (the UK distributor if im not mistaken) and it is them saying they dont have the stock. Ive had the pre-order in since it was first available back in March, and i have ordered the void engine from Wayland (warcradles own store) so i shall see if that arrives on time.
I dont know where the problem sits, but i hope things improve as everything settles, im looking forward to Magnus being available in the UK i need to paint that beast.

Got a shipping notice for my Dusk today!