Scyrafael Feat Update Questions [Resolved]

Today Scyrafael’s feat got clarified.

“Enemy models that advance and end their movement in Scyrafael’s control range or are placed and closer to her than they began suffer an unboostable POW 10 magical damage roll. Models that are damaged by the roll are knocked down. Models that are not damaged by the roll are pushed d3 inches directly away from Scyrafael in the order they choose. Iron Storm lasts for one round.”

  1. Does the “closer than they began” apply to JUST placement, or both placement AND movement?

  2. The wording seems to imply that only moving models need to be in her control area to take the POW10, and it happens no matter what to models being placed closer. Is this intended/accurate?

  3. Who is “they” in the segment for who chooses the order models are pushed. Is it the models/their controller, or is it Scyrafael/her controller?


Shameless bump since its been a few days.

I am not able to provide a full breakdown right now, but I’m confident the intent is this:

It is Scyrafael’s opponent’s turn, and you are that opponent.

Did your model end its movement, or was placed, in Scyrafael’s control range? Is the model that moved/was placed now closer to her than when it began that movement/before it was placed?

If and only if you answer “Yes” to both, you suffer the effects of the feat.

If you stayed in her CTRL, but moved away from her and did not end up closer, nothing happens. If you ended your movement outside her CTRL, regardless of whether or not you are closer, nothing happens.

I got offocial confirmation on Discord today.

“Scyrafael’s player chooses the order of models being pushed away from her. Not the opponent.”

And when I asked about my questions 1 and 2, the intent seems to be

  1. Movement AND placement check to see if the model is closer than they began

  2. The feat will only take affect in her control area. Placement outside of her contol area will not trigger the POW10.

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This is all correct.

Most importantly Scyrafael’s player does chooses the order of models being pushed away from her. Not the opponent.