Scryafeal's Feat and

It is Scryafeal’s Feat turn. An enemy unit has three models: A is 15" away, B is 12" away, C is 11" away.
The unit walks backwards to the door of a Habitable building. This movement takes them out of Feat range.
The unit then enters the building. The closest edge of the building is 12" away from Scryafeal.
As the models entering the building are placed, they will trigger the Feat. When measuring to models in a Building, you measure to the footprint of the building, so everyone in the unit would be in Range.

Bonus question, does a model moving between floors count? It is being placed, but the building is at the same distance.

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Based on my reading yes. I believe if you are out of feat range and get placed into it (counting the guard tower in range as yes), then you take the damage. In regards to the feat effect, you’ve only got to worry about damage, because I believe models can’t be pushed or knocked down while within a building

I see there’s timing to when the feat effect happens and when the placement happens, my statement may be incorrect and I think it’d be worth hearing from an official source

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The feat’s wording is a bit wonky, but the way I read it, the advance/place doesn’t need to start from Scyrafael’s control range, only end there, in order for the feat to trigger. So if the place effect from outside the building to inside the building takes the models to Scyrafael’s control range and closer to her, then the feat triggers.

Placement inside the building that doesn’t change the distance would not trigger the feat, as placed models would need to end up closer to her for the feat to trigger.

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The problem with buildings though is that you don’t measure distance to the models, but rather the building. So would her Feat even be able to check if the models are closer?
I’m assuming ‘Yes’ as it goes from a null state to a positive state.

As to changing floors, a model could start in the back of the top floor and go to the front of the bottom floor. But again, model distance in a building is a wonky thing.

The first part is simple enough (pending your neutral timing question). They end their movement in Scyrafael’s feat. Model A is the only one closer so model A suffers the effects.

And for changing floors they are not closer so wont suffer the effects

I’d agree with that.

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