Ruling question on ability

Trying to understand this ability off of the mk4 stormlegion caster. So far we have been playing the ability as if the caster is B2B with a cohort, then Everything in her battlegroup gains the effect. Even jacks not B2B walking up the feild by themselves and the caster and a loght jack B2B sit back as far as possible.

To me the rule reads as her battle group gains the effect as long as within her can control range and B2B with another battlegroup model. That meaning for them to get the effect they have to be B2B with another cohort to gain the effect the same as sheild wall effect( one model does not give the whole unit the effect)

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The way I read it, it’s saying that any battlegroup model (in control range) gains the bonus while b2b with another battlegroup model.

So if you have two jacks in b2b at the edge of their caster’s control range, they get the bonus. But if there’s another jack in the control range at the same time but not b2b with anything, it does not get the bonus.

Also if a jack is in control range and b2b with another jack that is not in control range, then the one in control range gets the bonus and the one that isn’t doesn’t.

Well, that’s just how it looks to me.


Yeah, there are a couple of different checks in order to receive the benefit.

  1. In Control range of the caster.
  2. Base to base with another model in the battlegroup.

If it just meant that the caster only had to be touching a battlegroup model, it would instead say “While the caster is B2B with a battlegroup model, models in its battlegroup gain…”


SoulSamurai and Malkav are correct, the ability effects models that are in the spellcaster’s battlegroup and B2B with another model in the battlegroup. Malkav’s example of how it would be worded to work based only off the spellcaster’s position is correct.

This is one of those quirks of the way Warmachine rules are written; they are generally very specific about how the rule is triggered and that can be confusing until you get used to the way they use terms. It’s something I’ve thought about writing a guide for but I’ve struggled to figure out a way to explain it without just listing a bunch of rules and explaining what they mean lol. It’s just kind of a pattern or vibe you gotta get used to.

All of the above replies are correct. If it helps comprehension, simply switch the order of the two clauses.

“Models in this model’s battlegroup gain … while in this model’s control range and B2B…”


Answered correctly above.

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