Rules Question - Khador - Kill Order and Mage Static

Can you clarify how Kill order is supposed to work. It is not clear if the enemy model just has to be within LOS or in LOS and within 10" of Savaryn. I am not clear if the 10" is more about where my Khador models have to be within 10" of his to get benefit of the Kill order, but the target can be anywhere.

If I run multiple Jacks with Mage static heads does the effect stack? Also it says enemy models does this mean an enemy solo casting a spell would have to play 1 focus to use a star action that casts a spell? Thus shutting them down?

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Not sure about Kill Order, sorry.

Mage Static though:

If I run multiple Jacks with Mage static heads does the effect stack?

Effects with the same name do not stack, so no.

Also it says enemy models does this mean an enemy solo casting a spell would have to play 1 focus to use a star action that casts a spell? Thus shutting them down?

No. Mage Static says that spells cast suffer + 1 COST and spells cast as a * Attack or * Action don’t have a COST to add to.

Thank you Salt. I thought Mage Static was the name of the head itself. I didn’t realize it was a name of the effect too. So it sounds like this pretty much impacts the Caster/Warlock and Warbeasts animi only then.

Mostly, though the - RNG component still applies to anyone.


Kill order requires its target to be within it’s range of 10". It additionally requires line of sight. These are two separate requirements.

The mage static question was answered correctly by helpful community members.

Hope that helps!



The RNG for it , 10, is right at the beginning there.

Malkac13. While I got your point it wasn’t clear to everybody due to how the second sentence was worded without the 10", while the third sentence included the 10" clarification. Rather than play the mechanic incorrectly I figured it would be better to just use the forum for a clarification.

Oh yeah, asking is always fine. But, all three sentences have a different mechanical part.

  1. The enemy needs to be within 10"
  2. They also need to be in Line of Sight
  3. The ability effects friendly models within 10" of this model.
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One thing that I’ve definitely seen new players struggle with over the years is how Privateer tends to write rules.

Generally speaking (because they’re all human and stuff gets missed) if a rule is divided into multiple sentences and doesn’t include connecting words like “Additionally…” than each of those sentences is an independent requirement or trigger. So like Malkav says, the sentences “RNG 10.” , “Target enemy model/unit in LOS.”, and “While within …” are all different requirements of the ability that aren’t referring to each other at all.

It’s an easy thing to miss; like I said I’ve seen a lot of less-experienced players have trouble with it initially. Something worth keeping in mind when we as experienced players answer rules questions is that not everyone will have the same comprehension of the style of PP rules writing as we do (and that’s not even taking into account that different people might have different first languages). Perhaps the PP rules-writing philosophy would be worth having a new player topic about, I’ll have to think about that.


I agree 100% as a newer player myself.

Going off topic here but the one thing that initially attracted me to WM years ago was this exact structure of rule writing. Coming from MTG, I find it shares many similarities, making it clean and concise (at the very least, during that period in time).

I personally find Kill Order abit of an oddity though. This is not the first time questions surrounding it has been brought up. Therefore there’s definitely room for improvement on how it should be worded to achieve clarity.

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i think if you read the card it all makes sense. Sometimes though I think veterans have learned the usual grammar of a card and it clicks into sense more easily for them. Sometimes this grammar works against though though. I know I’ve occasionally had problems working out if something was a pulse or an aura.

I’ll help break this down as explicitly as possible, because I don’t feel like the previous posts really dived into the nitty gritty.

Valerii has to be within 10" of something. He has to have that model in his LOS to target that model and apply “Kill Order” to it.

Barring some rules interaction from the opponent (something nonexistent like “This model cannot be affected by Battle Plans”), Kill Order has now been applied to that model/unit.

Friendly models have to be within 10" of this model, i.e. the model carrying the rule, i.e. Valerii Savaryn, in order to benefit.

Only warrior models benefit, and only while they are within 10" of Valerii. Sorry, no warjacks. :slight_smile:

PLEASE NOTE: this does not say or mean that Valerii has to remain within 10" of the model to which Kill Order was applied. He has to be within 10" when he applies it, but Valerii can absolutely Reposition away after using this.

(The rule would need to have language like “While this model (meaning, Valerii) is within 10” of the target model/unit" for it to work that way.)

Not that Winter Korps has any way to attack during the opponent’s turn anyway, but: Kill Order expires at the end of the Khador player’s turn.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: