Removing Fury from Warbeasts

I’m rereading the rules in Borderlands and Beyond in preparation for a game I’ll be running, and had forgotten that’s long rest was the only way to remove Fury from warbeasts.

Has there been anything added to the game since Borderlands and Beyond came out that gives more options for removing Fury from warbeasts?

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There are some class abilities in Into the Deep Wild. Don’t remember exactly because I’m at work and my RPG book library isn’t.

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Awesome! I hope they drop that for retail soon. I missed the Kickstarter.

Now that I have my book at hand, there’s at least these:

  • Shepherd (Ranger subclass): has two abilities (11th and 15th level) that allow removal of Fury from a friendly warbeast.

  • Blade of Torment (magical weapon): hitting a warbeast with it lets you add or remove a point of Fury.

  • Blackclad Stoneshaper (NPC) can add or remove Fury from a friendly construct.

  • Druid Wilder (NPC) can remove Fury from a friendly warbeast.

So, not many. The Shepherd subclass feels like it’s designed to support a warlock character, and I’m not sure how interesting it is to play a character who is, rules-wise, just an upgrade pack to another character. There are certainly many ways to make it an interesting role-playing experience, of course.

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Thank you for checking. Those options are kinda lame though. I think I’m going to houserule that Warbeasts lose a point of Fury every ten minutes. So it sorta has parity with Warcaster Focus. Yeah you’d get more if you have more Warbeasts, but I don’t think they’d be a huge issue. And if it is, then I could say you can remove one Fury from one Warbeasts ever ten minutes.

Borderlands and Beyond itself has an option for this in Energy Siphon, a 1 cost rune that lets you drain a fury from a warbeast easily. Only downside is you gotta stab them, but a basic dagger is an option. Only downside is dealing 1d4 damage to the beast, less of a problem for Trolls but can add up with some of the others.

Sort of the issue here though is that while Warlock feels really restrained, this is because with just a bit more freedom warbeasts get very, very powerful. Warjacks have more options, but warjacks have a lot of logistical issues that warbeasts don’t, so letting them act far more freely can quickly get out of control. Remember, as well, that Frenzying both is something that can be managed to some degree, and something that isn’t always bad depending on the resonance. Troll frenzy, for example, often ends with the troll attacking the enemy anyways, though certainly not always.

My main concern is that Warlocks loose the most of their class abilities if they can’t generate Fury, unless they want to cannibalize themselves. Thats not something that’s balanced by there being logistical issues for warjacks. Thank you for point out the rune though. I think I missed that in my read through.