Focus and thresholds

I can’t find the focus maximum for Jack’s and the threshold for a most beasts. Some are in a table in borderlands and beyond, but how high Is the threshold for a warpwolf for example?

I don’t think you can use a warpwolf as a wasbeast in the rpg. borderlands and Beyond gives a list of useable beast on pages 202-204. But I’m not well versed in warlocks. Jacks have a focus limit based on the cortex installed. This is on page 218 of Requiem.

They used to be playable warbeasts in the d6 version:

So I would expect, if they are not already, they will be in the new version as well.

They are much higher cr in this edition than any of the other beast on the charts in Borderlands and Beyond.

There are rules for building wolds and the weakest wold is stronger than a warpwolf.

Where are the rules for making wolds? I think I missed those