Where are the warbeast statistics?

Hey guys,

Where can I find the statistics? In borderlands and beyond are references to “actions listed in the warbeast statistics” but I can’t find those anywhere. Please help.

Do you mean you can’t find the warbeast stat blocks or that you can’t find the action listings?

If the stat blocks are missing altogether, they may not have been published yet (I don’t have any of the Borderlands and Beyond previews, since I didn’t subscribe to the kickstarter).

If the stat blocks are there, the actions should be listed in the second half or so of the stat blocks if they are built like any of the stat blocks published in DnD5 Monsternomicon, for example - first the creature type, then some core stats, then the ability scores, then immunities and resistances, then special abilities, then actions.

I am not especially well-versed in the 5e RPG materials, but I can give this a shot.

Which page are you referencing, exactly?

Chapter 6 in borderlands one beyond tells you what beast you can use. As far as stats, these are actual monsters in the books. You can find them in the monsternomicon and borderlands survival guide

OK, thanks. So the actions they can be forced to do as a warbeast are their normal Stat block actions they can usually do without being forced. Kind of like the boss kicks your ass and is way worse after unlocked as a character :)?

It’s kind of a balance thing. Having a creature with unique actions would be very powerful without limitations. It would make other classes seem subpar by comparison. Keep in mind you are basically running two characters. One being your warlock and the other being the beast

Wasn’t a complaint. I understand, I just thought it wasn’t really clear in the description. Thanks to all of you for the explanation.