Old Witch 2 vs Old Witch 3

I was playing an Unlimited game tonight vs Khador and Zevanna (Old Witch 2). We noticed that she did not have the same changes made to her that Old Witch 3 did in the January update.

Any idea if this was intentional or an oversight?

Probably oversight if I’d have to guess. They might be built as two different leaders in the app

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Could be intentional, too. I mean, they play very different armies and use completely different mechanics, so differences only make sense.


What are the differences? I haven’t looked at her in ages.

Old Witch 2 (Khador) didn’t lose Vexing Alignment and Range Amplifier in the January 2024 update.

My guess is it’s because she’s only available in Unlimited so she’s not subject to the annual updates.


Ah, yeah, that would explain it.

Part of the problem with Vexing Alignment was how it interacted with the Grymkin command cards. Since OW2 doesn’t have access to those we didn’t see a need to change it.

I forget the rational for Range Amp …


Thanks Loren for the info!

It’s obviously because Khadorans are good people and they deserve to have nice things.


Oh! They kept Range Amp because they lack arc nodes. I knew there was a reason


A little off topic but while I’ve got you here, was old witch ever supposed to be in prime for khador or was she kept specifically to grymkin?

She is as we intended.

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Fair enough! Thank you for the time