Any news or rumors?

It has been a while since we have heard anything, so I figured it was worth asking if anyone has heard any rumors or anything? I would love to see some new characters, bosses, or game modes! :grin:


I’d love it as well, although I suspect there’s a matter of priorities. It’d be nice to see it come back! It was a very good game for playing with younger folks and non-gamers. Even got my pastors to play!

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Let me see if I can get any inside info to share with ya!


We would love to continue expanding Riot Quest. Right now, it’s a wonderfully playable game without loose ends. We have big ideas for where to take it, but we think that in order to continue to grow it, we need a format change. Riot Quest is, at heart, a board game, but has been masquerading as a miniatures game because that’s what we’re really good at making. So the next step is to take Riot Quest into that board game space in order to keep growing the community of players around it in a way that allows us to keep creating new content for it. We have lots of ideas simmering right now and can’t wait to move forward with them when the time is right.


Sounds good to me!

Well, when it’s ready it’s ready. Y’all got a lot on your plates right now!

Oh phew do we! So thank you for the patience! We’re a small team with a lot of big ambitions for what we want to bring to these games. Knowing we have the support of the folks who enjoy them is the most comforting and inspiring thing there is for us. Thank you!


Wonderful news! I figured anything new would still be a ways out, with the new Warmachine edition, and new things for your other lines. Riot Quest is a great game, and having it grow into its own, full board game experience will be great, when it happens.

That’s some great news Matt Wilson. I take deep enjoyment in playing Riot Quest, the bosses in particular make a huge success when I invite people over. You can see them going crazy any time I turn a card from the boss deck.
it is also really amusing when we all pray together for another player to roll super damage on the boss.
Had more trouble making people stick with the Heist expansion. I think it would be cool to have a map more oriented for heist Gameplay. Maybe it’s the mekanofactory and I don’t know :joy:, but unfortunately I don’t have that map.
Either way thanks for sharing. I will certainly be eagerly awaiting any news.

P.S: I’m still waiting for the paladin pink class :joy:


The Kickstarter you tried a while back was, despite its flaws that made it unsuccessful, in my opinion a step in the right direction. It let you identify the weak points in your plan back then, which hopefully helps you tune the thing into a major success the next time you go for it.

I read your post-op analysis on the Riot Quest board game Kickstarter, and it seemed to me you had identified just about everything that prevented its success. So I have complete faith in your ability to get it right the next time.

I have great respect in PP’s humility to sincerely acknowledge your own mistakes and learn from them.

Riot Quest fits in its own niche in the (miniatures) board game category, and I’m really hoping to see more of it. (Although, between Warmachine Mk4, Warcaster, Minicrates and the occasional painting contest model from other companies, my painting schedule is already more than full. Maybe I should ask you to stop releasing more awesome stuff.)


Is your wallet talking to mine? Cause FOMO has been hitting a bit more as of late :stuck_out_tongue:

“Make more!”
“Make less!”

What do you want us to do??? It’s so confusing! :rofl:

But seriously, much appreciation for your understanding, consideration and support!

Thank you!

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Yeah, so maybe don’t make me your next CEO. Obviously I don’t have a coherent strategy to offer you.

Nah, my wallet is fine. I just lack the time to paint the stuff I buy.

Although, I guess if I had an endless wallet, I could quit my job and focus on painting.

But on a more serious note, I kinda agree with what Matt said above, that Riot Quest is already feature-complete in the sense that it doesn’t urgently need more expansions. So whatever plans you guys have don’t need to be rushed.


I would have liked to have riot quest with cardboard standees so I could sell it in our store so it could reach a greater public. It’s a great game, it really doesn’t suit optimization and waac behaviour and it’s a ton of fun, crazy fun. It’s fast and despite the way the rules are written, it is actually easy to pick up and play. Writing board games rules is an art form; I’d suggest checking out the rulebook for Mille Fiori for rules that are both complex and clear as mountain spring water.
Once people get hooked by the madness, then they might want prebuilt plastic models, maybe some crazies (like myself) would want premium metal models…
But most people that usually play Andor, Living Forest or Zombicide (et al) open up a board game, they can’t do multipart metal models.


100% agreed here - nothing more to add other than it’s a really enjoyable game but the target audience may not want to do multipart metal models like you said
I’m still bringing it with me to some gamenights and conventions!

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So, silly idea that might not be worth the time and effort: a print and play demo kit on the website. Basically the Blitz Bowl to Riot Quest’s Blood Bowl (wow, that’s really stretching but you get the idea).