Rules Question: Ares Mothership 2023 Annual Update?

I saw a discussion about this on Facebook, but I’m asking here.

Jeff Gum’s exact quote was:
“Also, unrelated to your question but it looks like you’re playing with the YU pack version of the card, which unfortunately was pretty badly misprinted. I recommend checking out Monster Room, the Smash U wiki, or just referencing the Star Princess Ares version of the card to see all the differences.”

Given that:

What, specifically, is wrong with the 2023 v1 Ares Mothership card?

The Ares Mothership was left out of the Insider post for the 2023 update.

I do not have a physical Star Princess Ares card, nor is one displayed on the PP web store for this model.

Comparing against Monster Room, I see differences to the health track and to the hyper form DEF stat. I’m running an event in about a month, I’m pretty sure at least one Ares will be present, and I want to avoid confusion.

Can someone from Privateer please post the correct card for this model?

Monster Room has the accurate card. I don’t remember all of the errors (I think one of the action die limits is wrong iirc? don’t have the YU card in front of me) but the two major things to be aware of is the 7/4 health split and the hyper having 9 defense.

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Thank you very much!

Do you know if the original misprinted 2023 card has been reprinted and/or if it is available through a mispack request?

afaik a fixed card isn’t available yet… we’ll have to wait and see what the plan is for that.

For future reference, every card in the game is available on the SmashU wiki.