Expansion thoughts and recommendations after long-term play?

I’ve got most of Riot Quest season 1 (all the stand alone minis, the gates, malvin & mayhem). Sadly a few of the friends/families I played with moved away during COVID, so I’ll have to find more folks to play with over time. It was a good, quick, and more casual than Aristeia or Warhammer Underworlds, you know?

I’m looking at Season 2 plus the bits of season 1 I don’t have. I’ve got plenty of models to choose from already (play draft style), so I think getting an expansion from that set might add some nice variety. I’m not sure if I want to get the boss set since Malvin was hard enough for us casual scrubs.

Coop is good. I don’t know who I’d be playing with so I’ve nothing specific in mind. Any recommendations?

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Create a narrative session that creates an arch over time. Make sure to have filler sessions. Depending on the Episode for that date, feel free to limit quest and loot cards, even the ultimate win scenario.

Karchek and Deathjack, Malignant Fusion is a beast in the boss fight. The miniature is flat out amazing. You can do like I did and get them all, but definitely get Bumbles.

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To piggyback off this idea, you could even homebrew a whole new mode when your party goes on a dungeon delve. Between rigging, raiding and other mechanics, you could simulate a party fighting for treasure and evading traps in a non-arena setting.

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Anyone play heist mode?

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I’ve done Heist mode a couple times. I like the general “capture the flag” objective, but the bots can really slow down the game. Their activations eat up time, and an unlucky combo of bots can grind a game to a halt by repeatedly wiping teams.

If you try it, I recommend not using the bots at first, or maybe picking the ones that won’t knock out multiple heroes at once.


Ooh, and that comes with a fun mini too… What’s her name? Lady Rambo of Michael Bay-towne?