Old forum archive temporarily available

In our excitement to launch the new Community Hub, we turned off the old forums a little too hastily.

While the old forum software is too old to update and the size too large for us to maintain indefinitely, we have restored an archive of the old forums temporarily for anyone who wants to retrieve or save information before it goes away again. The archive will be available until May 31, 2023 at this address:


After May 31st, the old forums will be gone forever, so don’t delay if there’s something you want to mine out of it.

You will need to login to access it, just as before. New posts will not appear, and new sign-ups will not be approved. We will not be able to offer assistance if you are unable to sign in or find specific content you are looking for.

Happy spelunking!


As a follow-up question, is the plan for previous Infernals rulings to stay active and relevant? There are a number of rules interactions which have previously been clarified/rules on, and the relevant rules text remains unchanged.
Will those be collected and available somewhere, or will we need to reask them all here?

I am wondering as the rules forum is not a part of the Archived forums that was linked.

Yay! Thank you! I’ll be letting the GM’s in my group know :slight_smile:

Much appreciated to the team back there :slight_smile:


Don’t start asking just yet. We’re working on this.


Alright. I really do hope that they are able to be saved in some format (the wiki that was promised many moons ago?) as they help to answer many questions, but even more importantly teach how the rules syntax and logic work.
Plus, they are many years of fascinating and interesting history.

But, whatever you do, I hope that you take the time to plan and think it through. Unfortunately, it has lately felt as if there have been many “Ready, Fire, Aim” moments, with things being done and then requiring redoing and adjustment.

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Oh good, I was worried that all the “Doug Seacat On…” posts were lost to the ether.


Thank you so much! I will try to get every thing i need. Tell everyone who is behind getting this archive together that we all really apreciate it!

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I hope someone saves the “Seacat signal” picture.

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For player created 2d6 content, is there any sort of license or disclaimer that would allow us to collect that information into a freely-distributed PDF? I know Morgan Coalburn and Macavity had created a lot of great 2d6 content that they’d love to share more widely with folks still playing 2d6.

That would be amazing! There’s SO MUCH content about to be lost there. :frowning:
I imagine you could credit people by their usernames? If someone reached you about it, you could just update the pdf’s with name changes or just removing parts they asked.

I copied the No Quarter index and hope to have that up here sometime soon-ish.


My old log-in isn’t working, were they removed?

WHOOO! Time flies! Okay folks, quick bump here to remind everyone the old forums are going soon!

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