New* jack patterns and weaponsfor IKRPG 2D6 testing thread

I’ve definitely had my own stupidity pointed out to me more than once before… :nerd_face:

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So here comes the:

Cost: 8865 (5500 Chassis + 2500 Cortex + 690 Mauler chain gun + 175 Flail)
Description: The Lion was created to suppress what the Bulletstorm couldn’t, but it was met with delays on the design approval, those delays were very fortunate for the Lion, since it was still in revisions when the disastrous reports of the first batch of Bulletstorm arrived, immediately the design team scrapped the dual Mauler chain gun specs that was originally planned and elected to maintain the right arm of the nomad and arm it with a simple flail, this dropped significantly the price of the Lion and possibly saved the project, unfortunately the pitch of a larger bulletstorm did not help, causing its initial order to be cut in half and never had a large order placed after.
The Lion is armed with a flail on its right arm, and a Mauler chain gun on its left, it has no further upgrades by default, The lion uses the Nomad as a chassis
Cortex: Aurum grade

The lion is a rare machine, even with its admirable performace, the horrid blamish on the reputation of the design team behind the Lion and Bulletstorm, was still to little to surpass its reputation as a bad military hardware

Mauler chain gun
Cost: 690
Type: ranged
Location: Arm
Ammo: 40
Effective range: 60’(10")
Maximum range: 300’
Attack modifier: 0
POW: 12
AoE: -
Description: a large caliber rotatory canon, made to suppress even heavy infantry and put the hurt on jacks, it was created in tandem with the Fury machine gun, but fortunately it proved far more reliable than its little sister weapon and it has been latter on the design process equipped with a blast shield.
Special rules: This weapon can only fire once per round, alternatively you may declare that it will make a burst fire attack this weapon makes D3+1 attacks and spends eight rounds of ammunition and it may target other characters with the additional attacks as long as they are within 2” of the primary target.
This weapon gains a +1 to hit and damage rolls against medium base characters and a +2 to hit and damage rolls against large or larger based characters.
This weapon grants a +1 bonus to armor as if it were a buckler from attacks originating from its front arc, this arm is not compatible with arm upgrades.
Reloading this weapon outside of combat takes 5 minutes and any character with mechanical engineering can do it without a die roll.
Casing, powder and projectiles for five heavy rounds costs 7 Gc.
Mounting this weapon on a steamjack chassis requires the mechanik to remove the steamjack’s old arm and replace it with the Mauler chain gun (see “Removing or Replacing Arms” in the Steamjacks section of Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules).
Replacing a steamjack’s arm system with a Mauler chain gun costs an additional 60 gc unless the character does the job himself.

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You forgot what chassis it uses.
Volume Fire is always a fun rule.

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I’d be very leery of giving it to too many weapons, however, unless the weapon’s description justifies it (i.e. Skorne reivers get this because they fire volleys of small needles). Otherwise you could just end up giving the rule to just about anything that, for example, fires a swarm of projectiles, e.g. a scattergun.

IMHO the guiding principle shouldn’t be “I can do everything that all the others can do,” but “I do things differently.” For example, reivers could just as easily have been AOE guns or RNG:SP guns, but the way they work sets them apart as something both more and less than just another scattergun - i.e. something different.

I didn’t want to straight up give it POW 13 to a D3+1 weapon, technicaly Volume fire is arguably better, but fst, it deals no damage to vahicles in the RPG (ranged weapons without a few especfic caracteristics like AoE or i think damage types), bellow POW 13 do not damage vehicles, and to discovered if its more powerfull(first its highly campaign dependant if you most likely fight trollkin yes its better, if you are clearing Dreggs ot is worse) and analize every enemy base size quantities and proeminency of those types, i dont think Privateer knows that in warmachine thats a lot easier to calculate that in a RPG

And volume fire is a far more common in MKIV than it was in MKI-MKIII, the majority of XD3+X shots ranged weapons have volume fore now, those being:

Grolar autocanon, Man-O-War supresion tanker volley gun, Warboar MMD 47 volley canons, tyrant quad bolt thrower, Cyclone metal storm, great bear and mastodon grinder, Man-O-War supressors hailer canons, Malefactor and leviathan spiker, Raptor and master necrotech chatterbane light spiker, steelhead volley gun volley gun and meet thresher hailer, siege animathrax double revier, sepulcher impailers, Dire wolf heavy chain gun.

And those do not have:

Sentinel sentinel chain gun, trencher chain gun chain gun, dire troll blitzer and trollkin sluggers sluggers, maxwell finn mini-slugger, mamoth siege batery, stormwall chain canon, and victor auto canons, Man-O-War assault chariot barage gun, courser rapid fire light mag bolter.

This is not an extensive list of all, well i mot likely forgot a few in each side, by what i got, its more common to have volume fire than not, and many on the not have volume fire have some alternative ability or trait such as AoE or is cygnaran, dont know why cygnaran machine guns/chain guns/gatling guns, so cygnar is was just bad at making automatic firearms, judgment waits if they are still the worse is the gravediggers army

Last 'Jack i created, not last, there is the the Potat(is joke on my girlfrend on my document) and there is another weapon.

Cost: 1230 Gc (6000 chassis + 3000 cortex + 480 “‘Jack ripper” chainsaw + 1500 Enhanced actuators + 600 Hull reinforcement)
Description: Made to brawl with Khadoran heavies the Brute was created, with a reinforced hull and Enhanced actuators it has the armor and strength to match khadoran main line warjacks, it was commissioned by the officer corps of scarswall, to brawl Khadoran heavy armor in case of a breach, for being planned for extreme close quarters combat the “‘Jack ripper” chainsaw was chosen as its main weapon.
The Brute is armed with a “‘Jack ripper” chainsaw on its right arm, a standard arm with no modification on its left, an Hull reinforcement(No Quarter 54 Foundry, Forge & Crucible: modifying steamjacks page 68) and Enhanced actuators by default, the Brute uses the Toro as its chassis.
Cortex: Custom cortex(Aurum grade equivalent)

“‘Jack ripper” chainsaw(Heavy only)
Cost: 480
Type: Melee
Location: Arm
Attack modifier: 0
Pow: 6
Description: a large chainsaw arm that was created to deal with heavily armored targets, and an incredibly powerful weapon system.
Special rules: On a critical hit this weapon can make an additional attack against the target hit.
Mounting this weapon on a steamjack chassis requires the mechanik to remove the steamjack’s old arm and replace it with the “‘Jack ripper” chainsaw (see “Removing or Replacing Arms” in the Steamjacks section of Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules).
Replacing a steamjack’s arm system with a “‘Jack ripper” chainsaw costs an additional 60 gc unless the character does the job himself.

No i didn’t made the pun with Jack the ripper intentionaly, i noticed after naming it

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Going to post the last weapon here also

Arm mounted flamethrower(Heavy only)
Cost: 375
Type: ranged
Location: Arm
Ammo: 4
Effective range: 48’'(Spay 8”)
Maximum range: -
Attack modifier: 0
POW: 12
AoE: -
Description: an compact jack flamethrower made to be mounted on the back of a heavy steamjacks arm.
Special rules: This weapon can only be fired once per turn.
This weapon does fire damage.
On a critical hit, characters hit suffers the continuous fire effect
A steamjack with this weapon when making an attack may choose to over pressurize the attack, if it does use two fuel charges and the power of this weapon becomes POW 14, however this weapon cannot fire the next round if it was over pressurized.
If a steamjack armed with one in each arm neither is crippled, with the ambidextrous and two weapon fighting abilities can chose to make a Inferno torrent special attack, by using its full action(An inferno torrent automatically hits all characters under the template the weapon Rng becomes Spray 10”(60’) and all characters hit suffer continuous fire effect) a steamjack may make over pressurized attack on the inferno torrent.
An arm mounted flamethrower must be attached to an standart heavy steamjack arm and that arm may not have other arm upgrades or shields.
Weapons attack held by an arm with the arm mounted flamethrower receives a -2 to attack rolls.
This weapon cannot be reloaded in combat, and outside of combat any character with mechanical engineering can accomplish it in 20 minutes without a die roll.
Mounting an Arm mounted flamethrower on a steamjack requires the proper tools, two hours of labor, and a successful INT + Mechanikal Engineering roll against a target number of 14. If the roll fails, it can be repeated after another hour of labor.
Paying to have a Arm mounted flamethrower mounted on a steamjack costs an additional 100 gc.
Each flamethrower spray costs 10 Gc

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