Favorite/pet warjack/beast configuration

So i made a similar question a while ago but restricted to khadoran jacks, so now i would like to know from all prime armies, wich jack/beast configuration you all like to use?

For me personally its been a Stryker with a Voltaic Halberd and a Mag-bolter. High POW shooting combined with a decent POW melee weapon with e-leap just has so many uses.

Decent feat target with Wolfe and likes open fire with Athena so I bring it with both casters.


I think I talked a little back then about my favorite Khador jacks, so I’ll go with Trolls this time

“Little Tyke” (12 pts)
Deepborn Dire Troll
Narwal Spear Gauntlet
Shark Skull Gauntlet

This young’n is new to the crew, and can be a little overeager when trying to get to grips with the enemy. You best bet if he goes down then the rest of the crew will have something to say about it. Just a little hardy troll that hits decently and has decent fury management built in for 1 pt more than base cost of a dire troll. Basically, the plan is to run this one forward and make you invest more than 12 pts worth of stuff to start the trade, without worrying too much if you leave it running a little hot. Plus, pow 18 sustained attack is nice

“First Gunner” (10 pts)
Reef Troll
Ale Tankard
Ship’s Gun
Ship’s Wheel

Every once in awhile, a foolhardy captain will try and make a more level headed troll into their first mate. When this inevitably fails, they often give said troll something loud and fun and a new (made up) title to keep them placated. Oftentimes, the ship’s wheel is also lost in the bargain, and a replacement is procured by the ship’s carpenter. After all, you wouldn’t try and take the helm from a full blooded troll who saw it as theirs, would you? This one is meant to be more your bog standard shoot from far away kind of troll. I’m not dead set on the ship’s wheel yet, but I think the boarding axe could be a good replacement for some melee potential. I’d need to write a suitably fun blurb about him and the carpenter procuring trees on an ill-fated foray into the jungle


I’m only a couple of games into my Dusk but so far:

The Flydolon
Flight Head
Dawn Blade
Force Shield
Either shoulder gun

Hazeroth gives it stealth with shadowmancer, it flies at the enemy caster then batters them to death with a massive sword. Second arm can also go for null blade to remove upkeeps, or the dusk blade to drain focus and hit them more.

Stealth or Arc node head
Chain blade
Force Lash

Get close to enemy, yell “get over here” apply decapitate weapon to bad thing.
I played Cephalyx for ages and if i can’t move enemy models it feels bad, this lets me do that up to 10" under Hellyth, which makes me happy.


A Dire troll hitting people with a live shark who eats the target is just conceptually so awesome that it’s hard to top in my opinion.

Knowing PP, they will come up with something even awesomer in the future.


The fact that it has the chain weapon property means he is constantly spinning the shark around by the tail which is hilarious.


Are you actually getting meaningful damage with the chain blade? When I’ve played with Dusk, the Pow10 meant that I rarely breached armor values over 18, so there was no damage to double with the Decapitation.

i did a little bit of looking to see the suport that it had to crack armor in house kalyss and is pretty much Hazarioth shadowmancer and well boosts, on avarege a 22 damage attack with decap, and you culd only get two of those with a fully foucused Ghast so 16 damage to a cygnar jack, 8 to a khadoran jack, not bad but i don’t’ know, i feel a fully focused eidolon would do better against hard targets, but it may be that the Ghast with chainblade is meant to hit medium targets

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It isnt hitting very hard, it exists more to pull something out of the way/ into reach of an Eidolon. I have only run 1 game with it so far and it was into Khador. I dropped curse of shadows on a dire wolf and did a fair chunk of damage that way and finished it off with dreadgurd charges.

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By my calculation(that was wrong its power 24) is not a bad damage on hard targets(it does take investment, but well if a light could more than half kill(24 damage on ARM 18(either 2 boosted attacks(12 damage per attack) or 4 unboosted(6 points per attack) or 1 unboosted and 2 unboosted)(16 points on a khadoran jack 2 boosted attacks) a heavy without suport it would be ridiculos) but it seems it is more for the utility than raw damage on hard targets, not a bad little light damagewise

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