Hellpods ready to drop

so how cool are those gravedigger concepts? looooove those jacks, love the paratrooper theming, can’t wait to see what casters will look like! For Super Ear… ehm, for Cygnar! :smiley:

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“For the Empe…queen”

But seriously they look great and I look forward to the Jack weapon drops.

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both Patriot and Valiant look so cool. The heavy weapon attachements are just chef kiss. They also remind me of titanfall which is a nice thing. Now these are some gooood warjacks. And I already kinda liked the electric ones. MKIV is just continuing to have amazing design (I know some people think they are in general too slim and modern for steampunk, but meh)

My thoughts are the same as always: default cautious optimism. :slight_smile:

The art looks interesting, but Cygnar isn’t for me, so I am not emotionally invested. Would be interested to see the rules.

I’m really curious how the supply drop, Patriot drop, and Valiant weapon swaps will work. There’s some really interesting things they could do for these, but they’re also the sorts of things that could end up just being flavor text on some Army-specific Command Cards (which would be fun but not as evocative IMO).

Very excited to see what else is coming for this Army.

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from the weapon pods image does this jack only have one head?

I believe the PP account clarified on FB that it has normal loadout options, this was just the concept art they used for the article.

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yeah they should have the normal array of options for head and hands, the back is just a bonus

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yeah, there are a lot of possibilities.

Exclusive Command Cards seems a good way to add this kind of flavour to an Army, using an already existing part of the main rules (or “the engine” if we would talk in videogames language). They have a Cost to tune up/down, are optional, and you have to discard other stuff, find combos, etc…

Also, is less special stuff to observe during the game, which, IMHO, is good.

Having static models that are deployed later and have to be interacted with for the weapon swaps, medical supplies, etc…could be also good. Maybe the rival could try to destroy them, and as long as is nothing oblivious (like they are used to score objectives, etc) it could be cool.

i could see a ton of units like having the rule Airdrop or something. It might be something like this:

A unit may airdrop anywhere on the table on the 2nd turn or later. Place all airdropped models within 2" of each other. and more than 3" from enemy units. An airdropped model forfeits its movement the turn in enters.

Yeah. Probably like Ambush, but with more options where to deploy.

Could be that you’d need to mark a number of predetermined points on the battlefield and “ambush” from those. Or it could be something else altogether.

I’m guessing most the infantry will have Ambush and/or Advance Deploy to represent having dropped in before the battle and taken up advanced positions. Opening up the entire Army to a unique deployment mechanic would be hell on balance and to me these two lines from the reveal suggests that as well.

In MKIV, the Gravediggers are essentially an army of paratroopers that utilize skyships for enhanced mobility, dropping in ahead of the battle for better deployment positioning.

While being an airborne infantry force will definitely have some influence on the deployment of the Gravediggers army…

The way I read the reveal article the stuff dropping in during the game will be Patriot light jacks, Valiant heavy weapons, and Supply Drops. Hopefully those do take the form of some sort of model because it would be more interesting that way, but I could also see them being unique Command Cards. “Play this card on a Gravedigger Ranger squad to replace one Grunt with a Machine Gun trooper”, etc.

That said, the dev team at PP is much better at game design than I am so who knows lol

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All the Patriot variants looks soooo cool. Also Caine’s daughter??? I never read any books, from fiction I knew I assumed she was like a kid so would be teen at max by now? But that’s a nice surprise. Magelock rocket launcher has a lot of explosive potential haha. Gravediggers really look great so far. The jacks are amazing, Cyn looks cool too, excited to see more previews!

I think she’s like early 20s, pretty sure she was like 10-early teen in Mark Of Caine which would be a little over 10 years ago in universe

was mark of caine good and is it possible to still read it somewhere?

It’s really good, one of the best Warmachine novels IMO. You can get it from DriveThruRPG DriveThruRPG


Beat me to it by about 60 seconds! :joy:

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Well, I thought it was pretty dumb. A matter of opinion, of course. I won’t go into spoilers because someone still wants to read it, but if the plot twists require major characters to act stupidly and out of character, it’s poor writing.

Also, I thought Caine’s daughter escaped to the Cyriss galaxy. Well, a daughter at least, because he probably has more offspring we don’t know about (and he may not know either). Artemis Fang is obviously a distant relative, considering how she basically sees Caine in a vision and uses his feat in the story.

Spoilers for Henge Hold Scrolls.

Vlad and Sorscha’s kid escaped to the Cyriss galaxy. Of course, Caine himself acknowledged he probably had multiple illegitimate children, so one of those must’ve made it through (ref: Artemis Fang). Cynthia, in control of Ace, fought the entire way through the Henge Hold battle and was last mentioned right before Alexia showed up and killed Omodamos. Cynthia was definitively on the Caen side of the stargate when it was destroyed.

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Caine puts her on a transport to get her through the gate but when he leaves to go back to the fight she follow him and joins in.

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