A solution to the ghast debate? and your thoughts

I have heard a lot of complaint about the ghast being too expensive and lacking a real roll, I had an idea . to keep balance would swapping the ranged guns with the eidolon be the answer? Even an expensive light that could take a momentum gun , vortex blast and an arc node would be a strong utility piece, and an eidolon with lash would be equally great. same in faction guns , same sculpts , same prices on each jacks? Would love to hear all your thoughts , opinions , dissents?

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I haven’t heard that debate. :slight_smile:

A quick look at the chassis tells me the Ghast is basically all of the Retribution’s specialist light jacks rolled into one.

Straight up Chain Weapon Blessed Decapitation on a ≈12 point model with access to boosts is approaching bonkers in a faction with a potential -4 ARM swing (Hazaroth, Shadowmancer + Curse of Shadows). I don’t think Hazaroth is going to have a hard time delivering them, either. :slight_smile:

That being said: the odds of you asking for and getting weapon rules wholesale swapped between two warjack chassis is…low.

While it would be awesome to have a Future Sight heavy with a free Drag gun and two beefy melee attacks (one of which can potentially steal focus for itself, allowing a rather huge number of potential attacks), I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is by design that no single chassis has the most awesome everything available to it. :slight_smile: You want something cool, you gotta make a decision or pay some meaningful cost to get it.

(To use a concrete example from the past: there’s a reason that the Reckoner was the #1 most used Protectorate heavy warjack for all of MK II, by roughly a 700% margin: it had it all. Good ranged attack, check. Self-supporting essentially passive buffs and debuffs, check. Already-solid attack power further enhanced by the Choir: check. Built-in focus efficiency: check. It was so good that it overshadowed everything else in their stable by a mile.)


Thank you , i figured it is a long shot.

i hear you i think having to pay for cool stuff is the move. Amd i am prepared to do so. The juice needs to be worth the squeeze .

Your menoth example is happening , that 12 pts can be an eidolon. And all the support ,support them better

The chain looks amazing on paper(was one of the draws for me ) but getting it on the table and getting it to actually go off a big as you think it can is rough if not a bad idea.

Look into what it would take to get that 4 to 6 pt armor swing to land.

Its one of those pictures the longer you look weirder it gets

Dusk should cost more than ret and does. but the jacks should be equal in power for the higher cost ( griffon is an example)

Dusk is very balanced ,almost too balanced and i fear the ghast wont see play asside from an arcnode with a shield. I would like that to change hence the ask

I’ve played one game so far at 50pts with the little Dusk I have (2 preview boxes and the merc solos).
I found the Ghat with 2 ranged weapons very underwhelming, I had figured I needed to switch up the loadout, but nothing on it is really exciting. Going to rock the lash and chain blade next time and use it to take things out of position.

I think the Ghasts are there to serve conditional support roles: arc node, position disruption, solo removal, cheap hits-above-its-weight-class spot damage (with the Powerful Attack blade fists) damage dealer, and so forth.

It’s not a heavy; don’t try to make it perform like one. :slight_smile:

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I think Michael is right. The ghast is not a main battle tank. Instead of raw damage, it brings options to the table (although it has some solid melee damage options).

I can understand some faction envy when you look at the gunboats that are Storm Legion light jacks (which are a little cheaper than the Ghast, too), but different factions play in different ways.

The Ghast, with all the bells and whistles, costs 12 points. That’s a lot for a light. So maybe one shouldn’t try to fit all of the most expensive toys onto one, but rather those pieces that fit its particular role. And as established, a gunboat is probably not where it shines.