Morrow and Thamar

Did the lore about Morrow and Thamar change between editions of IK?

I feel like the 3e Character and World Guides said that Morrow and Thamar marched against the Menite Priest King. Overthrew the priest king and then Thamar killed Morrow, and was subsequently killed by Morrow’s followers.

I am currently reading the IK ‘Kings, Nations, and Gods’ text it says that Thamar was banished from Caspia by Morrow and later returned and killed Morrow.

I have not gotten to the 5e text in regards to Morrow and Thamar, but I would not be surprised to find yet another change in continuity.

I feel like I may have misinformed my players when they asked me questions about their character’s faith.

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I haven’t read the 3e books so I can’t say for sure about the jump from that to 2d6. From what I remember about Reqiuem though I don’t think it’s changed anything, just added info about what happened during and after the Claiming.

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PP has never written their theology as 100 % facts. The events around the Twins’ ascension happened thousands of years ago, and documents from that era are scarce and unreliable. Facts turn into legends and change over time when they are told.

There has also been a version where Thamar actually didn’t kill Morrow but actually ascended first while Morrow completed writing the Enkheiridion before following after.

Of course, as a GM you need to establish the version that is taught as canon in your setting, but you can also decide that the Church accepts some ambiguity regarding the historical events. The details of when exactly Thamar stabbed Morrow isn’t as relevant as the teachings of the Twins.

Without going deeper into real-world theology, the Gospels in the Bible tell about the same events but from the perspectives of different people, so the details may vary but the main point remains the same. It makes sense that the same would happen with the Twins.