IK Requiem questions: updated map and Blodstone Desert monsters


Just received my copy of Iron Kingdoms Requiem Campaign setting, the Monsternomicon and the Book of the East as birthday gifts. Still reading the first chapter on the Iron Kingdoms. Loving the reading so far. Did a quick scan through the pages which lead to a couple questions. I wonder if you incredible, more experienced players/GMs could clarify:

  • Haven’t found a map of the world anywhere. Is this intentional? Should I buy it elsewhere or download it?
  • I miss the stats for several monsters from the Bloodstone desert like Razor Wurm, Titans, Hydra, Aradus, etc. Is this available somewhere?

Sorry for the newbie questions. Thx for any help!

I’m still very much invested in the FMF ruleset (and this is not likely to change anytime soon), so I’m probably not very helpful, but…

I know there used to be a map, but I don’t have any current link for it. I have the map as a PDF from the first D20 Monsternomicon 2, but since I don’t remember where I got it, I’d not want to post it here without the official OK that this isn’t posting copyrighted material online.

As for the creatures, Titans and the Hydra were also in the first D20 Monsternomicon 2. I’d imagine it shouldn’t be too much trouble to rework their stats and abilities into the DnD5 ruleset; unfortunately, I don’t think the book is still available. However, I think just giving you some base figures should enable you to develop a fair approximation of the rest by looking at comparable creatures (e.g. serpentine, multi-headed or multi-limbed creatures), if DnD5 still works like DnD3.5 in regards of standardising creatures:

Hydra: Huge Magical Beast, 17 hit dice, STR 26, DEX 14, CON 22, INT 2, WIS 11, CHA 8.
Titan: Large Magical Beast, 12-15 hit dice, STR 26, DEX 14, CON 22-24, INT 5, WIS 12, CHA 3-7

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Thx for the tips. I’m sorry, but what do FMF stands for? I guess it’s Full Metal Fantasy a.k.a. 2d6 version. Yeah, that’s the game that brought me into IK and Warmachine in the first place.

You’re right, FMF is the 2d6 version of the game. And I started with the D20 3.5 edition of the game (after having unwittingly played Witchfire years before, with the GM running the game like standard Greyhawk), with our group having reached level 15 by the time the FMF version came out. We switched over, converting our old D20 characters into the closest approximations we could manage in FMF, and never looked back.

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There was a cloth map with one of the kickstarters, but it doesn’t look like at a glance it can be found to be bought.

There are some maps you can download online though, here’s a good selection of various maps

As for the beasts, none of those are Bloodstone monster, but the bloodstone got covered in Borderlands and Beyond and monster profiles are in Borderlands Survival Guide. Those are all Skorne monsters though. Which they have said they’re covering in the new splat books they put out monthly, they did one in January that ha the Drake and Krea in it, and said they’ll be doing more each month, so you might get to see some of those monsters.

The stat blocks are a little unpolished though, here’s some extra info for them from the IKRPG discord.

So, the Krea should have this ability and this action:
Frenzy. When the Krea attacks a creature that is also in melee with a Drake, its attack rolls have advantage and its weapon attacks cause an additional weapon die of damage.

Paralyzing Gaze. The Krea focuses its gaze on a line 30 feet long and 5 feet wide from its location. Every living creature in the line must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. Creatures that fail this saving throw are paralyzed until the start of the Kreas next turn.

Basalisk should be Basalisk Drake


Thank you very much @Shamgi ! That’s amazing.