Menoth in Mark IV?

Any news or rumors on what we would expect to see from a Menoth faction in Mark IV ?

I’d be really keen to see what direction they go in with their new stuff, if they fix up something new and interesting like the pirate trolls.


I haven’t seen any announcements, but i am also excited to see what they do with Menoth

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Yeah exactly, as an old school first edition devotee to the Lawbringer, who has lost his way for many years now (haven’t played for over 10 years sadly/ not read any of the books since early 2nd ed so very behind on the fluff) am have been keeping an eye on Mark IV liking some of the fresh new takes and updates so far.

In lore, the protectorate is over, it splintered into basicaly four factions, first is thise loyal to Kreos that went to Khador, those loyal to Feora that were forced to the bloodstone marches, the remanent warlords that stayed in the territory, and Tristan faction that went to Zu, so most likely we are either gonna see a Khador army along the line of exemplar knights, or a “insurgent” Feira faction along the lines of the temple flameguard, or we are gonna see something new from Zu, the comunity is beting on Dino riders

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With apologies for contradicting: I’m not 100% certain this is all accurate.

Last I heard – and bear in mind that I might have missed an RPG supplement somewhere! – the status of everything is as follows:

Kreoss leads what remains of the Protectorate theocracy, a.k.a. Synod, from Imer. This is the traditional “Do what we say because Menoth says so, or else” Protectorate. (Source: IKRPG Requiem book, IKRPG Guardians of the Temple supplement.)

The Protectorate of Menoth itself is little more than one giant ghost town due to the loss of life during the Claiming, the further loss of life during Feora’s miniature civil war, and the wholesale depopulation from those who followed Tristan Durant to Zu. (Those are the “we love Menoth and we want to follow his word” Paladin variety, not the “We’ll be burned to death if we don’t follow his word” Scrutator variety.) (Source: IKRPG Requiem book, IKRPG Guardians of the Temple supplement, and the Henge Hold Scrolls.)

Feora is a fugitive, hiding out in the Bloodstone Marches (with whatever followers she has…?), presumably scheming and plotting her revenge. (Source: Guardians of the Temple supplement.)

Tristan and all the other faithful are off in a new city they founded somewhere around Zu. (Source: The Henge Hold Scrolls, the IKRPG Requiem book, and maybe one other RPG supplement that I am pretty sure I read, but I can’t remember which it is.)


If yours come from the newer RPG materials it might be more accurate, i took mie from older articles and interviws from PP, the only one i know for certain is trystain going to zu since that was in the hengehold scrolls

Is there any information on Cryx ?

There was a hand written note on an order saying that they would come sooner rather than later

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Cryx has been pretty quiet since Wrath of the Dragonfather. Asphyxious and Deneghra showed up in the Henge Hold Scrolls, long enough for Asphyxious to get smashed, get converted from Asphyxious 3 → Asphyxious 4, and then escape through the stargate celestial gate to the Cyriss galaxy and Warcaster: Neo Mechanika. Deneghra got squashed by a colossal, got stitched back together, and then went to Cryx and apparently took Asphyxious’ place as a lich lord. :slight_smile:

(Source: Henge Hold Scrolls, IKRPG: Nightmare Empire supplement.)

Wrath of the Dragonfather is a fun read, so unless you really want to hear, I won’t spoil any of it. :slight_smile:


I also heard that Skarre maybe got some sort of promotion in one of the Requiem books but I don’t know for certain.

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Oh, yeah, she’s basically prowling the southern shipping lanes between Immoren and Zu, building up her pirate fleet.

They’re setting up a fair bit of naval combat in the current story. The Brineblood compendium specifically mentions the Marauders being more willing to engage with Orgoth ships than other navies and Skarre has been kicking around building up the Black Fleet. Wonder if we’ll get a campaign at some point with a bunch of boarding action scenarios.

As a PoM player for MkII/MkIII, I hope that they stick more with the older feel and don’t go dino-riders. Or if they do, they have two MkIV armies, one that appeals to what the veterans liked and also the new Tristan/Zu stuff.


There is no public info about it, so we are left to (fun!) speculation.

The group from Zu could be there as a way to keep Protectorate “reserved” until they need to move them to Immoren, or expand the options to add more Zu factions/armies.

The current state of things is not great, but it could be used to create a pair of Protectorate-based Armies, maybe from diferent, semi-rival Cardinal-style leaders. Probably after Orgoth Invasion: Year One (the Protectorate could receive an influx of refugees, etc).

I’m looking forward to see Menoth pulling a “See, when the Orgoth invaded the last time, I didn’t give you guys magic for a reason. Morrow and Thamar did, and that whole Claiming brouhaha happened because of that. You guys are all better off worshiping me - I see the big picture.”

  • “Oh True Lord God Menoth, can you tell us, mere mortals, how to fight those filthy Orgoth?”
    -“Use your FISTS!”

/Rocky theme starts
/Garrick Voyle Re-appears


/Garrick Voyle’s poorly-animated corpse shambles unsteadily for a few tentative moments before collapsing into a heap of useless bones.


I’ve seen that movie! It ends with Voyle’s corpse doing a party at his beach’s house !!

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I’m hoping some menites are in Old Umbray.

Gabrieljusti & Michael thank you very much on the lore updates, I am very out of the loop (haven’t read a book since second ed). Sounds very interesting, looking forward to see what happens.