Immortal unit with Extoller advocate attachment. Can it benefit from Abidan's wings of death?

Immortals are constructs. Extoller advocate is living.

Wings of death targets friendly construct model/unit.

Does adding the advocate to the unit prevent it from being targeted by wings of death? And if so is this intentional mk4 skornergy?!!


All models in the unit must have the construct advantage for it to be a construct unit.

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Looking forward to seeing the infernal ruling on this.

A simple fix would be to make extoller advocates constructs.

I really hope this isnt going to keep the skornegy going into mk4.

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I dont think there’s any world where they change extollers to be constructs. If its unintentional i suspect they will change the wording on wings of death


“Incorporeal for one round” is a Big Deal™. It’s a very strong ability, and Abidan just has to show up to use it.

Incorporeal plus an Extoller Advocate’s Spectral Vortex creates a unit that is nearly immune to interaction.

The MK IV design philosophy that we’ve observed strongly veers away from “you can’t touch me” abilities. (See, for example: Skarre2’s feat, Vayl1’s feat [or whoever it was that had “can’t target with anything but spells” as her feat], and several others.)

I’m willing to bet this interaction is 100% intentional. :slight_smile:

If you want Incorporeal – which is a huge defensive ability – you’re going to have to give up the benefits of the Extoller Advocate. Simple as that. :slight_smile:

In the meantime you have to settle for Zaal being incorporeal every round

Yeah i suppose i will have to ‘cope’!

If it is as intended then i will just have to work around it. I know how powerful spell denial and incorporeal is, thats why i am trying to see if it is possible!

They shouldn’t have kept banishing ward on hexy 2 if they didn’t want spell immune incorporeal models!

That wording and interaction has been around for years now, with one model stopping a unit from being that type.

If it makes it easier there’s no way Wings of Death will stay like it is now after January.

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It does seem way too powerful

I was hoping they had tidied it up during the change.

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So for some strange reason Wings of Death was not changed at all in the update. This was certainly in “Top5 things in heavy need of a nerf” in my books.

But since this ability will be used a lot during this year could be get a final ruling to the question in OP? Mainly it decides do you want to take just more normal Immortals without UAs. Or just keep using it on Zaal or Abidan itself. All very strong plays.

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