Is this an okay Cephylax beginner list?

I have the Cephylax because I think they’re cool, and are great RPG models. However, I stink on ice with them. Is this an okay beginner list for them? Or can I simplify a bit more?

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Personally I’d swap the drudges, riflemen and a pistol wraith for something like 2x monstrosities of choice (I like Wardens with Cyphon: cheap bodies) and some agitators (2-3).

Cyphon really likes as many monstrosities as possible (8-10 in 100pts), as his abilities scale with them (the armour bonus for standing next to each other, and feat hitting as many models as possible) and doesn’t support much else. And Agitators are great to support monstrosities

Sadly I’ve only got two Monstrosities and I believe they’re out of stock.

Hmm, I should have expected that as soon as I posted - yes they are notoriously unavailable

I’d get 1-2 agitators regardless
I’d swap the riflemen with an artillery piece, or get some benders since they are fun.

Exulon Thexus is probably better with a list like that, and can work with 2 monstrosities.

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Hrm. Steelheads? I guess I should try to find something. Sadly there’s no local game stores so I guess it’s onto the internet!

Yeah, the dominator isn’t strictly necessary, but where it has been used it tends to be with the (preferably dwarf) artillery or forge guard.

All are out of stock on pps store, but I don’t think as deeply out of stock as monstrosities, so could be able to get from other stores.

However, putting other drudges in could be an option. And if you already have and are familiar with steelheads, could be a good place to start.

If you have cryx, I think equivalent points of bloat thralls or machine wraiths could be good too

I don’t, unfortunately.

sigh Got Christmas coming up plus other stuff, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy anything for a bit. I might end up having to do “Proxy-Machine” if I wait too long.

I think what you’ve got is fine to get the feel for it. Agitators are probably the main ‘must have’ that I’d proxy if you have to, since they are core support for the monstrosities.

After that, I’d get more (in order)

  • Exulon thexus
  • Mind benders
  • slavers
  • other support of choice: cryx solos, Magnus, dominated units

I’m not sure Magnus will be appropriate for our group play. I have Mind Benders and Mind Slavers (a Mk3 unit each) and Thexus (needs assembly and painting). This should be fun!

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