Direct Spirits, Soul Taker Requiem/Reclaim, Soul Vessel

Models with Direct Spirit and Soul Taker: Requiem/Reclaim (Zaal, Supreme AGs Hakar etc) can’t collect or steer souls from models with Soul Vessel.
I don’t think that’s intended. Can we get a change of wording to fix this? (I suggest that Living should be removed from those rules as that’s already included in the rulebook part for generating souls unless I’m missing some abilities somewhere)


The rule Soul Vessel says that they generate a Soul Token as if they were a living model, so I could see an interpretation where that counts as being Living for the purposes of Direct Souls.

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I agree with this interpretation of the rule as written.

I think the qualifier of “living” should be excluded in rules for Soul Taker. It only introduces corner-case problems such as this one.

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The way that soul vessel works is that Immortals are effectively living for any ability that considers souls. This was hashed out back in the day on the old rules forums, none of these rules changed between MKIII and MKIV.