Habitable Building rules

Some rules clarification on buildings. My friends and I after reading the rules have arrived at two decisions.

  1. If an opponent is right outside a building’s door, models inside that building cannot exit.

  2. When exiting a builidng you are placed on the other side of the door but can ONLY take a full advance as a part of your normal movement. See attached screenshots.

Curious to hear PP’s feedback.



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I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking. What is the specific question?

If the question is “What happens if your models want to leave the building, but another model is blocking the door?”, then the answer is:

Your model can’t leave the building. :slight_smile:

The model exiting the building has to be placed in base contact with the door. If another model is occupying the space and there’s no room for the exiting model to be placed, then you can’t exit the building.

If the question is “I want to charge out of the building instead. Can you only make a full advance?”, then the answer is: you can only make a full advance, because the rules for “Exiting a Building” only give you that option and nothing else. :slight_smile: