Enter buildings via running

I have a simple question, can a model enter a building after it did run?
Because the habitable rule of the guard tower and bunker says that: “A model/unit ending its normal movement within 1” of the door can choose to enter this building".
My hunch is that it is not possible because “… its activation ends as soon as it completes its run momvement.” but i like confirmation.

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I would say that you can. After running you can’t use Spells, Feat’s, or Any Time abilities.
As being placed into the building is an ability of the building and not the unit moving, I would say that the unit has fulfilled the requirements.

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Units absolutely and unambiguously end their Normal Movement when they stop moving at the end of a run, so yes, they can absolutely run into a building. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes they sure can. 20 Characters


Thanks for the confirmation.

I think this here is the important distinction. Just like running and “ending Normal movement” triggers Defensive strike from enemy models, it triggers the entering the building from the building.

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Sure, but in the timing chart where does a neutral ability go?

That’s an easy one. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t answer though if it is before Active Player or Inactive player abilities though.