Rules - Habitable Structures

The previewed rules for the Bunker state that models from the unit inside can be split between floors, but the rules for the Guard Tower do not. Can we please get a clarification if units can split between floors? I would really hope so, since it seems you can only have one unit in a structure at a time, which leaves plenty of open space. If not, then 5-man 40mm squads and most any unit with an attachment won’t be able to fit in a structure.

Can’t quote at the moment. However, the Habitable rule for both buildings seems to have no restrictions about where the models in the unit can be placed or how many units can be inside. There are limits to the number of models, that’s all.

It just says to place all the models in the unit in the building, and you can’t place the whole unit, then they can’t enter the building.

Here are the relevant rules quotes.

The only restriction so far is the “all the unit or none of it” of this rule.

This rule is identical and shared between the Guard Tower and Bunker.

This is on the bunker and it’s all but identical to the following rule on the Guard Tower:

(emphasis mine)

So, the only restrictions are:

  • The whole unit or none of the unit

  • Up to 5 small-based or 3 medium-based models on each floor

  • There must physically be enough room to place the model’s base on a given floor (unless you’re in the bottom floor of a bunker, in which case they’re not physically in the bunker model). So, I guess don’t try to cram 4 small bases and 2 medium bases on a single floor? :slight_smile:

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the text. I rechecked the rules in the app, and it looks like they amended the text in both to say models can occupy both floors at the same time. All good now.