Gravediggers Information

Hello all and happy new year. Ive been having a blast with my Storm Legion and Storm Forge cadre and am very pleased with the majority of it (still wish Assailers had a bit more POW but i digress). My question is do we know anything about the Gravedigger army? As in when its supposed to drop, general information etc. Just curious as i havnt seen anything and have been missing running my trenchers and want to have them as a rebuilt mk 4 army.

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As far as I know we have no solid information. They aren’t on the roadmap for the first half of the year, though I thought I had heard they were coming this year but I don’t remember where I might have heard that so take it with a grain of salt.

As far as composition the only thing I’ve got is a hunch that Magnus is probably one of the warcasters based on where he was in the lore at the end of Mk3 and the existence and description of Magnus 4. Certainly that suggests there is a Magnus 3, likely “Magnus the Patriot” and Gravediggers is a logical place for him to end up.


Appreciate the info, i thought i had seen something to that effect as well but couldnt remember. Either we are both right or both suffering from the Mandela Effect haha

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