Gaining Write Access as a Contributor to the Official Wiki

This is a question mainly for Privateer Press Staffers. Would it be possible in some way for someone to gain write access to the wiki? There’s plenty of old lore I’d love to help transcribe and make easier for newcomers to the game to find. It’s a type of resource I would have loved to have had coming in. Something like a storage place for old command book and expansion lore, books that are no longer in production and may be difficult for some to find


Plus adding in the stats of models is a fairly simple process as well.

The Warmachine App seems to be an even more perfect destination for that sort of material. :slight_smile:

Additionally, I would argue that the old lore is not really relevant to the current story. It probably doesn’t make much sense to build up the heroic exploits of characters that are dead or models you can’t buy.

I disagree. The stories are still good and build the world.


Absolutely! There’s so much depth and love that’s been put into this setting! It would be awesome to make that more accessible!


I would love to contribute to the Warcaster part of the Wiki. There is so much to be done there that is relatively simple and straightforward work, e.g. adding the lore section and links to the store. There is really no need to dedicate an employee’s time on that, this is what a community is for :blush:!


I think moderating the wiki would take employee time.

I think I’d rather see old books and stories made available through the app or store myself.


The store would be my preference. Reading things on the app is doable, but not ideal.


Fair, fair. Be neat to have a “throwback Thursday” league too. Play through classic scenarios.


“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” The old lore is still the foundation of the IK world today, and it’s interesting to know how e.g. Cygnar and Khador got to where they are now. Not just as history texts, but the personal experiences and perspectives of the old heroes who helped shape the world.


It suffices to say that I see the issue differently. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thinking: the old lore would be great for the RPG. I mean, jeez, the d6 books are SO GOOD (and still on DriveThru last I checked). There’s tons more lore besides that.

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My understanding of the purpose of the PP wiki is to act as an internally-maintained rules reference for PP games that don’t have an app. Which is to say, for games that aren’t Warmachine.

Since the Warmachine App is already a free rules resource for everything in the game available on both smartphones and desktop Warmachine Mk4 rules will not be appearing on the PP Wiki. We all saw how much work it ended up taking to keep War Room 2 and the Card Database in sync back in Mk3, the devs are not looking to recreate that bottleneck for Mk4.

Nothing I’ve seen suggests that Privateer has any intention of using the official wiki for lore or opening it up to community editing.


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I believe that description was written before Mk4 was announced and it doesn’t match what I’ve personally heard from PP staff on social media since then. The fact that it still says “Warmachine/Hordes” instead of “Warmachine” would suggest that it was just overlooked in the Mk4 rollout.

Unfortunately, Facebook group comments are next to impossible to search so I have no way to find where I heard that.

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Over two years have passed without any substantive updates. I think it’s safe to say that the course has changed. :slight_smile:

Maybe the Wiki will release a new edition soon.

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An update has been given in a similar thread