Warcaster mobile app?

I really like the Warmachine app. Will Warcaster get a similar one, or will Warcaster cards + list building become available in the same app?

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They’ve said they have no plans for it. Warmachine went to an app because it updates rules regularly and the paper cards made no sense to keep around. Warcaster rarely gets errata’s and I’m sure the small player base doesn’t help justify an app.

Yeah. I kind of wished the app was “War Room 3” and included Warcaster plus MonPoc BUT frankly I don’t think either game really needs it. Warmachine so big with its huge ruleset plus massive catalog really benefits from an app. I seem to recall Warcaster wasn’t meant to be the same type of competitive focused game that Warmachine is either, but if I am remembering right? That was said years ago.

It would be a pity if the Warmachine app is not used for other games as well. Especially for Warcaster, now that 'jacks can have different arms and heads in Warmachine also - the app now is very suited to be used for Warcaster, at least to my mind. It’s just a question of creating a separate section and entering the model texts, I suppose. The proper architecture seems to be already there.

I would probably honestly play Warcaster more often if I could just grab my phone and go over models or create lists during calm moments of the day.


Is Battlescribe up to date on Warcaster? PP isn’t really hiding the stats, so…

Well, as Warcaster has no point costs or theme force restrictions, list building is a less complicated matter. And there’s less bookkeeping with damage grids etc. as well.

But it would be nice if Warcaster could be built into the app, as the basic infrastructure exists already. It’s just less necessary than with Warmachine.

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