Exemplar Bastions & Seneschal

My last Protectorate infantry squad took far too long because I was obsessing too hard over fine details. Also, they were cursed - if the halberds weren’t constantly falling off because of ill-fitting, I was spilling paint on them, or everything on the Seneschal was breaking. Finally, when I got them done and sprayed with seal coat, the lettering on the Seneschal’s banners bled into illegibility, and I had to redo them.
But they are done, and here they are:

And a closer look at the Seneschal’s shoulder plate, because I’m proud of that sunburst effect on the blue metallic glaze, even if the priming underneath got messed up.

All that’s left of my Protectorate models is a mostly-done Indictor/Guardian, then a Revelator and a Redeemer. Then I’m done with the Protectorate and on to Dusk!


I hope you have better luck with your Dusk models!

At the very least, you shouldn’t have any “ill-fitting parts” issues, considering everything except the warjacks comes in approximately one piece. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I hope so, I’ve got an idea for a Dusk color scheme that might turn out really striking or really meh. But the shift away from metal models has been a godsend for me, and I’m looking forward to models that were designed for magnets instead of trying to place them.

No kidding! I pulled out my units – especially that gorgeous standard bearer! – from the Winter Korps box and literally sighed a breath of relief because I didn’t have to assemble a single thing. :slight_smile:

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Conversions can be fun, I’m planning on an Israfyl weapons conversion for the Eidolon, but there’s a difference between needing to do it and wanting to do it.