Gigantors Paint corner

Hi All!

I enjoy painting and WMH is my true love when it comes to mini games.

I occasionally paint stuff and when I do I paint fast.
Here are some of the stuff i was doing.

Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:


Your dead elf warcaster on 50mm base is really nice! Can you name the color of your rust effect?

Wintercorps are interesting as well (but not as great as the elf :slight_smile: ), when I prepared mine, I was a bit worried about the 3D print “stairs” on top parts such as the great bear axe. I covered them under a small layer of “liquid” greenstuff that you can apply with a brush. Painted them and did not see the layers stairs anymore and wondered if it was really needed. I see it is really needed to avoid the pixelated layer effect on the top that catch light. I do not dare to photography my minis with such magnification factor, but you can check on my posts.


Hi Pip,

It’s just khador red highlight to get the rust effects.

As far as any prep work, all i did was easy them in warm soapy water.

The winter corps are much more simple on purpose.
My intention is to own the whole faction and use them as my primary.

I own every faction at about 90% painted so most of the time is more about effectiveness and not spending to long on any one model

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Your stuff looks very good!

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This looks great, Gigantor. Looking forward to seeing your stuff at international events again one day in the future :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the rust trick!

Simple with NMM? That looks pretty great! Looking forward to see the remaining!