I just got the Exemplar Bundle: any assembly advice or tips?

So I just got the Exemplar bundle: Protectorate of Menoth Prime Legacy Bundle for 'Final Interdiction' (60% Savings)

Any tips on assembling them? I’ve never ordered this many minis for myself at once. My army has built up over YEARS, and here I am with this bundle O_O

Amusingly enough I have some Exemplars I got earlier but was having trouble figuring out what went where, so they’re not finished. I guess it’s time to get back to it!


First of all, congrats! You have made a wise and holy choice in the name of Menoth. It’s been a while since I put these together, but I’ll try to recall a few things:

  • The Cinerator heads are very small, don’t drop them
  • Kreoss might be metal and heavy, but he has a big skirt, so you can drill a pinning hole really easily
  • Dry fit the stuff that goes on the Errants backs (either shields or crossbows), the attachment points aren’t always easy to find
  • If you get the urge to purge the unfaithful and heretics…just go with it

I always forget to do that. Good to know, thank you!

I think they’re resin. Hrm. I’ve got some not-green-stuff. I wonder if that would help?

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Should work a treat, yep

I have also been getting into the protectorate, and for me i have been doing one unit at a time, it can get overwhelming if you try to do it all at once.

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